Extrusion Blow Moulding Industry From 200 ml to 5000 litres

Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines
Double & Triple Layer: 10 Liter - 200 Liter Accumulator Type Series

Jagmohan is a result of cohesive partnership between Mr. Jagdish Shah and Mr. Mohan Singh Tetra that became active in the plastic world of Extrusion Blow Moulding Machinery in the year 1980. JAGMOHAN today carries a prodigious brand value. We manufacture blow moulding machines that are Robust, Reliable, and Hassle Free and very importantly our machine assembling is cohesive and neat that is easy to maintain.

Today we can proudly state that we have  largest extrusion blow moulding infrastructure set up spread over 1,00,000 sq. feet at Asangaon near Mumbai.

We stepped in to the world of extrusion blow moulding technology way back in the year 1980. Since then, it has been an incredible story of innovation & growth.

Innovative developments till date and counting…

1987 : 1st exported blow moulding machine from India to Kenya – 100 litre.

1992 : 1st indigenously developed 200 litre machine in India.

1993 : First developed double layer co – extrusion machine of 100 litre capacity.

2001 : India’s first 20 litre capacity double station machine exported to Sri Lanka.

2004 : First indigenously developed Auto Deflashing machine.

2008 : First 1000 litre capacity double layer blow moulding machine for water tanks.

2009 : First successfully developed 6 layer blow molding machine in India for 1ltr. food application.

2013 : First successfully developed 2000 litres water storage machine and exported to Italy.

Jagmohan Pla Mach Pvt. Ltd. has spread its wings beyond India & is focussing on the global market. Till date our achievements have surpassed the expectations of the industry. Taking this lead further, Jagmohan Pla Mach continues in its pursuit to be a global leader. We have exported our blow moulding machines in different capacities  & complete projects  across the world in 42 different countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe region.