Extrusion Blow Moulding Industry From 200 ml to 5000 litres

Extrusion Blow Moulding Industry
Double & Triple Layer: 10 Liter - 200 Liter Accumulator Type Series
JAGMOHAN is the only company in India to have the largest manufacturing Infrastructure in extrusion blow moulding industry at Asangaon, Thane. Jagmohan has the widest range of extrusion blow moulding machines from 200 mln to 5000 litres. We have a Global Presence in more than 40 Countries.
Jagmohan is a result of cohesive partnership between Mr. Jagdish Shah and Mr. Mohan Singh Tetra that became active in the plastic world of Extrusion Blow Moulding Machinery in the year 1980. JAGMOHAN today carries a prodigious brand value. We manufacture machines that are Robust, Reliable, Hassle Free and very importantly our machine assembling is cohesive and neat that is easy to maintain. Our Production and Marketing Team possess a brilliant combination of sincerity and talent to assist us in maintaining strong bonding correlation with any of our existing customers spread across the globe and with to be customers too. We do mfg customized machine depending on the customer's project. We practice art of manufacturing resulting in world class standards.
L - Ring Series

Small Machine Series: 100 ml - 5000 ml Continuous Parison Type

Our SMALL MACHINE SERIES are well accepted worldwide with machine range resulting in strong market presence
Single Station
Double Station
Multi Layer
View Strip
Production of Cosmetics, Lubricants, Edible Oil, Toys etc
Small Machine Series

Single Layer Series: 10 Liter - 200 Liters Accumulator Type Serie

Durable with Robust construction
Lower operational cost with power saving hydraulics as an option
Fully automatic machines with FIFO accumulator Head
Suitable for Jerry Cans, Round Jars, Edible Oil, Automobile, Toys, etc
Single Layer Series

Double & Triple Layer: 10 Liters - 200 Liters Accumulator Type Series

Recommended and suitable for Chemicals, Open Top Drums, Water Storage, Milk Cans and Ice Boxes
Possibility of Single Layer end use products too in the same machine
Same standard weight despite of Double/Triple Layer
Double/Triple Layer acts as a bonding agent
Aesthetic look of the empty article
Double & Triple Layer

Double Station Series: 10 Liters - 200 Liters Accumulator Type Series

Power Saving Hydraulics
Machine for higher production
Automatic Gripper
FIFO Accumulator Head
Tie-Bar Less Clamping
Suitable for Jerry Cans, Round Jars, Edible Oil, Toys, Ice Boxes etc
Enhanced Efficiency: Single point control ejection
Savings on labour cost.
Simultaneous dual production of different moulds
Double Station Series

L - Ring Series

Automatic container gripper
Unscrewing blowpin
Grooved feed extruder screw for higher production
Multiple blow/pressure/exhaust system
Unique unscrewing device for 100% thread accuracy
Online auto lubrication system
Long lasting ceramic heater
Photo guard for operator safety
Servo System(optional)
Suitable for 220 Liter, 235 Liter and 250 Liter industrial barrels
Atmost customer satisfaction
For packaging of various industries like Chemical Oil, Lubricant, Sugar, Ethanol Liquid, Starch, Liquor chemical packaging, etc
L - Ring Series

Tank Machine Series: 200 Liters - 5000 Liters Accumulator Type Series

Jagmohan tank machine v/s roto tank
Raw material for blow mould tank is HM for robustness
Threaded lid
Tank weight is lower: 2000 Liters, Tank wt -28-30kg to 1000 Liters, Tank wt. -16-17kg
Higher production, 12-15 times high
Interchangeable Mould for 3-4 Sizes
Multi-point Parison program
Robotic gripper
Grooved feed extruder screw for higher production
Tank Machine Series

Optional Additional Features

Servo Systems Based Gear Pump

High Energy savings from 20% to 45%.
Only 2 rotating parts in Gear pump(instead of 12 to 15 parts in Vane/Piston pump). Hence internal Gear pump operating life is very long and the acceleration and retardation is very fast with Gear pump.
Gear pumps are very silent in operation(less noisy) with less friction and has better resistance to air/oil contamination as compared to Piston/Vane pump.
Gear pumps have forced lubrication for shaft and gear set. Hence oil temperature is much lower with Gear pumps. This results in less stress on hydraulic components.
The synchronous permanent magnet servo motor has higher efficiency and better power factor and no slip as compared to normal AC Motor.
Due to close loop servo system, dynamic response to flow and pressure changes is very fast and accurate. This results in improvement in the quality of the product being produced in the machine.

Multipoint Parison Programmer

Integrated Parison control block for precise parison control.
Upto 200 Parison point profile can be set by operator.
Different Interpolation methods, eg. Linear, Sine & Cosine, Spline, etc. are available to connect given fixed points.
Parison profile curve can be stretched or compressed. Start and End points are settable.
Real time trace for Set ,Actual and Control deviation can be made with settable sampling time.
Easy access for the Parison profile entry with the dedicated keys.
Numeric representation of the profile points is provided with Recipe and Alarm Management.

Leak Testing Machine

Servo controlled for instant start-stop & precise positioning of the bottle/container under test.
PLC controlled panel as per International Standards.
Flexibility for setting the parameters as per the package characteristics.
Run-off assembly from standard Aluminium sections to make it light-weight. Hence weight to volume ratio kept very close thus minimum cost of freight.
100% safe as all operations including motor are 24VDC. Only main supply 230VAC.
Input supply– 230VAC, Max 100Watt. Air Consumption– 2 to 3CFM at 6 bar only.

Standalone Automatic De-Flashing Unit

Proven rotary cutter concept. It caters to various size and shapes.
The machine is modular in design which allows user to choose from top and bottom bottle de-flashing variants of the machine.
Modular design supports 50ml to 2000ml size bottles.
Easy to change cutter in holder. Ready to integrate with leak tester and check weigher machines.

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L - Ring Series | Tank Machine Series
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