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Glow Industries is the leader in Plastics Auxiliary Machines. The company manufactures a range of machines all designed to Minimise Wastage and Maximize Profits. All our machines are well known for their Ruggedness, Reliability and Low Power Consumption.
Our range of machines includes grinders for all Applications, Mixers, Agglomerators, Dust Seperating Systems, Hopper Loaders, Blade Resharpening Machines and High Speed Mixers. All our machines are easy to operate and give years of trouble-free performance.
We have our own in-house spacious 15,000 square feet manufacturing facility which assures world class quality. We back this up with the assurance of our dependable service team to minimise your downtime and affect your operations.
This has enabled us to win accolades from delighted customers from around the world.
Let us know how we can work together to improve your processes.Top

Injection Moulded Scrap Grinders - Suitable for grinding of all thermoplastics, Nylon, Delrin. San, Polycarbonate, ABS, Glass Filled etc.
Blow Moulded Scrap Grinders - Suitable for grinding of HDPE, PP, PVC, Polycarbonate, Blow Moulded Scrap, flashes etc.
  Pipes/Profiles Scrap Grinders - Standard models are available with built-in Chute for feeding of long scrap of PVC/HDPE pipes & extruded profiles. Standard models available for pipes upto 200mm or even more, to suit your requirements.
  Films Scrap Grinders - Suitbale for grinding of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, HM, PP, PVC, BOPP, Polyester film scrap.
Pet Bottles Preforms Grinders - Suitable for grinding of PET Bottles,Jars and Preforms. Well proven machines in use across the country
  Rafia Tapes Monofilaments Grinders - Suitable for grinding PP, HDPE, Nylon Tapes and Monofilaments.
  Pet Bottles Preforms Grinders - Suitable for grinding of PET Bottles,Jars and Preforms. Well proven machines in use across the country.
  Rafia Tapes Monofilaments Grinders - Suitable for grinding PP, HDPE, Nylon Tapes and Monofilaments
  Thermoforming Sheet Scrap Grinders - Suitable o\for grinding of HIPS, PVC, PP. PET, Thermoforming Sheet Scrap.
Tumbling type Plastic Dry Color Mixers - Suitable for mixing of granules with Pigment Masterbatches,Liquid Masterbatches. Can also be used for homogeneous mixing of grinding and virgin materials

Special Features:

The vessels are made from Heavy guage of S.S. 304 sheet
Vessels are also fitted at an angle for better and faster mixing
Geared motor drive for lesser power consumption
Protective Fence with Safety Interlock
Offers consistent material mixing
Standard models available from 25 kgs./batch upto 300 Kgs./batch
Plastic High Speed Mixers - Suitbale for preheating plastic materials and for removing moisture. Vessel is of MS Construction. Click on the thumbnail below for a detailed view.
Plastic Films Agglomerators - The above machine is ideal to convert Film Scrap of LDPE, HDPE/HM, PP, BOPP, Tapes, Rafia, Foam depenfing upon models into the dense cubes for easy feeding into the extruder.

Available with manual screw type discharge valve. (Pneumatic discharge valve, Exhust blower system and Control Panel are optional and available at extra cost.

Spiral Flow Hopper Loaders
Storage Bin
Horizontal Inlet
HDPE Outer Tube
Flexible Spiral Spring
High & Low level Controls
Feeding Hopper
Electric Motor
Blade Resharpening Machines - These economical machines increase the life of your blades and give you control over the knife sharpening process. No need to send blades outside for resharpening when you can do them in house. They are very compact and portable and robustly built. They are easy to use with.
Dust Separating Systems - Glow Industries is proud to be the first in India to introduce a range of Dust Separating Systems. These can be retrofitted on your existing grinders or be fitted on your new Glow Industries Grinder.
Why Separate?
Fines and Dust generated during the grinding process can cause contamination in your processing equipment.
Dust causes Black spots on your moulded product and leads to a lower product quality.
Dust can prove a health hazard.
Separation is a simple process. the grinding material is passed through a blower cyclone at high pressure. The pressurized air lifts the lighter dust and fine particles and pushes them out through a separate outlet, leaving the cleaner dust free grinding material to fall through the main outlet.
You can even opt for a single central Dust Separating System to handle all your moulding and grinding machines. Top
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Company Name Glow Industries Plastic Ancillary Machines
Contact Person Mr. Kapil chandani
Address 32, New Modella Industrial Estate, Behind Automatic Co. Wagle Estate, Thane 400 604, INDIA
Contact Number +91 - 22 - 2582 - 8511 / 0091 - 22 - 2580 - 3940
Email +91 - 22 - 2582 - 7660
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