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Pluss® Polymers is a polymer research and manufacturing company involved in the field of specialty polymers. The company has been a pioneer in this field, being one of the first in the country to commercially manufacture functionalized polymers which serve as compatibilizers to enhance and facilitate the properties and processing conditions of polymer composites. Products under the brand name OPTIM® and NOVIS™ are used industry-wide for impact modification, processing modification and compatibilization.

We have proven ourselves as an ambitious technology-driven company; well known for our competence and reliability. Innovative technologies and products are delivered with consistence, be it in developing “new products for known applications or new applications with known products”. Our product range is strongly oriented towards high quality and tailor made packages as solutions for case-to-case problem solving. Experience, interdisciplinary thinking and practical skill constitute our growth guidelines. For Pluss®, customers are partners in the journey of success.

Majorly in the polymer segment, Pluss holds a forte in the field of manufacturing grafted polymers and polymers for MFI modification.