Leading manufacturer of Plastic Ancillary Equipments, Modular Hopper Loaders, Hot Air Dryers, Dehumidifiers

Manufacturer of Plastic Ancillary Equipments, Modular Hopper Loaders, Hot Air Dryers, Dehumidifiers Plastic Ancillary Equipments
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SWIFT AUXI TECHNIK PVT. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of Plastic Auxiliaries and Plastic Ancillary Equipments. Having been in this field since more than 5 years, we understand that a one-point source for various Plastic Auxiliaries and Plastic Ancillary Equipments is what Plastic Industries is looking for. Quality and reliability of service, optimal delivery periods and product warantees in line with the relevant industry standards are our hallmarks.
Reasons for opting for SWIFT as your supply partner:
• Best fit option: We use a combination of local and offshore resources as appropriate to specific work requirements.
• Service delivery excellence: We demand excellence from our employees & associates and, in turn, offer excellence to our clients.
• Responsiveness: We guarantee a reliable, appropriate and excited reaction.
  This comes from the entrepreneurial approach and force that characterizes the company.
  Our organization arrangement facilitates quick decision-making and follows up procedure.
• Complete solution: We deliver complete solutions from requirements study, functional specifications, system design, testing, implementation
  support and maintenance. We take care of complete legal, logistic and care packages for our on/off-site resources that are key to
  maximum productivity from day one.

Plastic Ancillary Equipments, Modular Hopper Loaders, Energy Efficient Hot Air Dryers, Dehumidifiers

Modular Hopper Loaders

Modular Hopper Loaders
• Innovative concept gives you ease
• Material change accomplished in seconds
• No tool required
• Loading solution for virgin regrind & free flowing powdery materials
• Macro processor based control with digital display
• Audio & visual alarm in case of fault
• Two components–ratio loaders with 1% step setting
• All higher capacity loaders come with dust separator specially beneficial when regrind or dusty material is used
• Glasko Hopper Loaders for abrasive polymers
After each & every conveying cycle, rotary wing rotates with high revolution and cleans the filter. The smallest loader with micro filter is having 2500 cm2 large filter area which takes away all your burden of cleaning colour change & maintenance.   Completely modular construction use same core body for all the models form 20 kg / hr to 1200 kg / hr. Customer can fit anything to anywhere now or in future and upgrade their system at just fraction of the cost.   Working with single or three different materials, Twin / Trio loaders is a very cost effective solution for mini central conveying system. This system can be upgraded to central conveying system in future very easily.

Energy Efficient Hot Air Dryers

• Designed specifically for regrind & dusty material
• No perforated cone & holes jamming
• No material blockage. Material change is quick & easy
Energy Efficient Hot Air Dryers
• Online drying saves power upto 70% as compared to oven
• Complete stainless steel construction
• User friendly design comprising of viewing window
• Sliding plate, hinged structure makes operation easier
• Dryers are equipped with 7 days timer which helps in programming your production schedule
Technical Advantages
Insulated side walls
  Maintain temperature at desired level, prevent heat loss and protect workers through from hot surface
Mass material flow
  Smooth surfaces and 60° angle ensure that each pellet is exposed to heated drying air for specified drying time
Even Air / Heat Distribution
  The centre reveres air (from top to bottom) ensure no material over burning. Forced dry air reaches to the bottom
Heat loss through
  Uninsulated side walls
Center “funnel” flow
  Induced by less than 60° angle allows center material to enter the process faster
Perforated metal
  Inhibits mass material flow and can be difficult to clean. Problem with regrind

Sigma Series Dehumidifier Dryers

The Sigma Series Dehumidified Air Dryers are designed on the energy saving concept. The technology is not only new conceptwise but it also incorporates energy saving control based on heat recovery. Depending on the temperature of the material to be dried, it additionally saves the energy by 25% to 30%. The Sigma Series comes in wide range from 70 m3 / hr to 2500 m3 / hr.
The modular concept of the Sigma Series Dehumidified Air dryer is that it can be attached with multiple containers with various capacities from 40 to 3500 liter.
All Drying hoppers are made of AISI- 304 Stainless with a special diffusing cone ensuring uniform airflow and homogenous heating of the entire mass of the granules without material stagnation. The integral insulation having the thickness of 60 mm both in cylindrical and conical section avoids thermal dispersion and energy wastage
•  Touch screen technology
•  Over temp alarm & shutdown
•  Hygro dew point sensor
•  Seven day timer
•  Bed status
•  Warning & error massage
•  Heat exchanger in pipe system ensures highest level of energy utilization
•  Fast simple cleaning provided by large doors & viewing windows
•  Desicant bed exchange with dew point control
•  Automatic setting of the safety temperature of the process air
•  Electronic control of the process temp with self-tunning pid algorithm that ensure high precision
•  Most energy efficient design gives dew point upto 50° C
Sigma Series Dehumidifier Dryers  

Modular Hopper LoadersEnergy Efficient Hot Air DryersSigma Series Dehumidifier Dryers

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Contact Number
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