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India Moulds and Machines is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastics Moulds and Machines and Large Blow Moulding Machines.
Large Blow Moulding Machines Ranging from 10 Ltrs to 220 Ltrs
L/D ratiois 27:1 which gives better plasticzingand high productivity special Blowing unit compliable to international standards with 3 machanisms for unscrewing
Equalising rack and pinion mechanism for platen movement
Gripper arrangement for container ejection
100% Fifo system
Accumulator head provided with overlapping design thereby eliminating weld lines and thus giving a seamless parison
Zero compression screw according to din standards
Robust and Sturdy Machine
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Blow Moulding Machine (Size-2L-250L, 20L, 60L, 100L, 200L)
Extruder with special mixing system that processes HMWHDPE and yields high quality extrudate at higher output rate and lower temperature
Accumulator head with overlapping melt flow for obtaining parsion with uniform radial wall thickness distribution, especially required for processing of HMHDPE for applications like 200-litre L-ring barrel manufacture.
Parison programmer for blow moulding machine based on proportional hydraulics, which is more dirt tolerant and easy of maintenance.
Simple and reliable parison stretching and unscrewing device for production of 200 litre L-ring barrels with interally thread necks.
Automatic take-out gripper for removal of 200 litre barrels, which ensures safety, reduces human fatigue and improves consistency of barrel quality
Accumulated expertise in blow moulding application development, process development, training and turnkey project execution
Energy saving hydraulic systems for blow moulding machines
Hydraulic Equipment
Hydraulic servo actuators and systems that are used for material testing and other special applications
Expertise developed over the years for design, manufacture and commissioning of hydraulic test rigs with electrical / electronic control system.
Hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic power pack
Hydraulic servo system
Special purpose M/C
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Company Name India moulds and Machines
Contact Person Mr. Rinod Bhaskaran
Address New no.4, (old no.81/2), Guruvappa chetty street, Chintadripet, Chennai
Contact Number +91-22-28415115
Contact Number +91-22-28591717
Email mudrikalabel@hotmail.com,info2imm@yahoo.com
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