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JK masterbatches is a leading manufacturer and exporter of White, Black Coloured and additive masterbatches in India.
JK masterbatches is providing high quality products & services to itís customers
JK masterbatches plant is situated in New Delhi is equipped with state-of-art machinery itís production system is highly flexible, enabling it to fast and efficiently handle even small orders and special requests. In addition, a fully equipped laboratory is in place for development of new products and for quality control according to the strictest specifications.
A computer color-matching system permits fast and reliable matching and development of any new shade.
  Research and Development
Research and development is essential to our growth strategy. Our application specialists identify the specific needs of each market segment and coordinate the relevant research and development projects. Technological developments are monitored by maintaining solid partnership relationships with leading suppliers and customers in each field.
We produce experimental products in pilot plant corresponding to our production equipment. Evaluation is performed in state-of-the-art testing equipment and machines similar to those of our clients for optimum performance.
An expert team of highly specialised engineers and technicians work with dedication to ensure the timely and successful development of new products.
  Passion for quality
Quality is a key word for us. It is part of our culture and defines the way we work.
Quality is built in all our products from the development stage. We design new products in accordance with the ISO 9001 international quality system and choose only the best performing raw materialís available for each application. Our commitment to quality covers the whole range from supplier quality to our manufacturing processes, products and transactions with customers. Strict specifications are set and production samples are tested according to ISO, DIN or ASTM standards.
Our passion for quality brings us closer to our customers and our suppliers and strengthens our focus on speed, productivity and customer satisfaction.
White masterbatches in PE, PP and PS carrier.
Extensive standard range and tailor made products which may also contain an additive package such as antistat, UV stabilizer, etc.
Depending on the type of white pigment contained white masterbatches are grouped as:
General purpose types with maximum opacity
Special types for high temperature film production
Special types with improved weathering resistance
Film & tapes a wide range from economy to top performing grades
Sheet extrusion Neutral and blue tone. Also tailor made
Injection & blow molding
Wires & cables

Black masterbaches in PE, PP and PS carrier
We offer an extensive standard range for:
PIPES irrigation, portable water, gas
Injection & Blow molding
Wires & Cables
Sheet extrusion

Color Masterbatches in PE, PP and PS carrier.
Standard range as presented in our color catalogues.
Tailor made color masterbatches for packaging applications such as bottles and caps, crates, film or other applications if required.
Film & tapes carrier and garbage bags, woven sacks, ropes, strapping brands
Blow molding bottles for cosmetics, detergents, lubricants. Large containers, jerry cans.
Injection molding household items, industrial moldings, bottle caps, garden furniture, flower pots.
Extrusion pipes, profiles, sheets, thermoforming.
Wires & cables power and telecommunication cable insulation and sheathing.

Special effect masterbatches in PE carrier
Standard range and tailor made products
Pearlescent for blow and injection molding packaging applications
Metallic for blow and injection molding and film
fluorescent for blow and injection molding and extrusion
Glitter/granite for blow and injection molding

Calcium carbonate masterbatches in PE, PP and PS carrier. Extensive standard range. Tailor made products.
What makes then special:
Exceptional softness
Supers dispersion quality
Excellent whiteness
PP woven sacks, big bags
PP strapping bands
PP striping and twine
PP film
Bopp film
PP thermoforming
Pipes, sheet, profiles
Injection and blow molding

Standards products range. Tailor made products with pigment, antistat, UV stabilizers and other additives.
INJECTION MOLDING garden furniture, household appliances, coat hangers, curtain weights.

Additive masterbatches in PE carrier
UV Stabilisers and absorbers
optical brightner
Flame retardants
Processing Aid
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Company Name JKP Masterbatch
Contact Person Mr. Devendra Pal Singh
Address K.H No. 107/1, Plot No. 368, Hastal Village, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110 059
Contact Number +91-25108357, 25108390
Contact Number +91-11-25434886
Email jkmasterbatch@yahoo.com, jkmasterbatch@rediffmail.com
Website http://www.jkpmasterbatches.com
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