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Anti Static Products

anti static products

Our high quality anti-static products help to prevent damage of sensitive electronic components from Electro Static Discharge. Our range of anti static products includes:

  • Wristband
  • Heel Strap
  • Anti static Shoes
  • Anti static Garments

Antistatic and Conductive Property Measuring Instruments offered by Kinetic Polymers

conductive property

An antistatic and conductive polymeric material finds a excellent growth in the present market. Various instruments are being offered by kinetic polymers to measure the values of antistatic materials.

  • Surface Resistivity Meter, with special probes
  • Static Charge Meter

Uses of Surface resistivity meter

Uses of Surface resistivity meter
  • To classify the material into Antistatic, Conductive or Insulator
  • To optimizes the dosage of Antistatic master batch and Conductive compound
  • To compares the effectives of various type Antistatic master batch and Conductive compound available in the market
  • To finds the Surface & Volume Conductivity of various powder & liquid

Surface Resistivity in Ohms
Materials are classified based on the surface resistivity as shown in the table

Conductive Static Dissipative Antistatic Insulator
10 ^ 1 – 10 ^ 5 10 ^ 6 – 10 ^ 8 10 ^ 9 – 10 ^ 11 10^12 – 10^16

Surface Resistivity (Ohm) (DIN 53482) Half-Life period (S) (Honest meter) Antistatic action
< 10^9 0 (no charge) Excellent
10^9 to 10^10 1 Very Good
10^10 to 10^11 2 to 10 Good to Satisfactory
10^11 to 10^12 10 to 60 Moderate
> 10^12 > 60 Insufficient

Surface Resistivity Meter(100V) - Model: SRM-02

The model SRM-02 surface resistivity meter is a portable and versatile instrument designed to accurately measure resistance between two points, surface to ground and surface resistivity in accordance with EOS/ESD association standard S-4.1.

The Surface Resistivity meter (included TESTING & MEASURING PROBES) is designed to make all the measurements

Measurement Range :  <10E3 to>10E12 Ohms (or) Ohms/sq
Measurement Accuracy :  Half decade
Resolution :  One decade
Test Voltage :  100V
Indication :  Different Color LED's
Test actuation :  Press To Test
Power supply :  9 Volt Battery
Low battery :  Warning at Test voltage Of 80V(+/-1V)
Dimensions :  135 x70 x30mm
Weight :  App. 200 Gms(With Battery)
Calibration :  Recommended every 12 months;
Warranty :  12 Months
Accessories included :  Surface to Ground cord
Optional :  Testing & Measuring Probes

Static Charge Meter

Static Charge Meter

Static charges are measured by using static charge meter. An Antistatic material or an conductive material does not generate any static voltage on friction/ Rubbing, where as an normal polymer like LDPE or PP generate almost 3-5 kv

Uses of Static Charge Meter

  • To locate the Static Charge present
  • To finds the intensity of Static Charges
  • To gets the polarity
  • To classify material into Antistatic/Insulator
  • Non contact type easy to operate & has a range of 0 – 10 KV
  • During manufacturing of Antistatic/Conductive film, it’s very important to know, when exactly the required Antistatic/Conductive material has come and when to start winding operation in the roll form.

Static Charge Meter(Digital) Model No: SCM–04

Reliable on-the-spot measurement of static charges has been easier Hand-held, yet highly accurate and low drift, the SCM – 04 answers three basic questions:

1). Is static present and on what surfaces, materials or people?
2). How much static?
3). What is the polarity of the charge?

The instrument is ideal for use in such static sensitive environment as electronic component production and assembly areas, clean rooms, computer, medical and R&D Laboratories, surgical rooms, medical device manufacturer, printing press, packing and production lines, etc.,

Measurement Range : +/- 0 – 20 KV
Measurement Accuracy : +/- 10%
Indication : 2 ½ Digit LCD Display
Test actuation : Press TO read
Power supply : 9 Volt Battery
Low battery : Warning at 7.0 Volts
Calibration : Recommended every 12 months
Dimensions : 135 x 70 x 30 mm
Warranty : 12 Months
Weight : 180gms
Warranty : 12 Months

ESD Safe Packaging Material


We offer following ESD safe packaging materials:

• Conductive Black Tubing & Bags • Conductive Cushioning Foam
• Conductive Grid Bag • Conductive Cushioning Foam
• Anti static Pink Tubing & Bags • Anti static Pink Bubble Roll
• Zipped & Open-top Shielding Bags • Shielding Bubble Bags
• Anti static Pink Foam • Anti static Pink Bags & Zip type bags
• Conductive Corrugated Box • Moisture Barrier Bags

Explosive Handling Product

We manufacture wide range of explosive handling products such as:

• Conductive Floorings • Conductive Brushes
• Conductive Foot Wear • Conductive Trays,Bins
• Conductive Waste Bins • Conductive Wheels
• Conductive Bottles

Conductive Material

Conductive materials are substances that conducts heat, light, sound, or electric charge. Allows electricity to freely move from one point to another point on the conductor. We offer following conductive materials:

• Conductive Rubber Floorings • Conductive Shoes
• Conductive Tray • Conductive Bowl
• Conductive Roller • Static Discharge Stand
• Conductive Waste Bin • Conductive Bag
• Conductive Spoon • Conductive Rod
• Conductive Spatula • Conductive Brush
• Conductive Bottle • Conductive Pin-insertion Foam
• Conductive Wheel

Anti Static Material

Anti static means a condition where static generation is inhibited during contact and separation with a different material. We offer following anti static room cleaning materials:

  • ESD Shoes/ Slippers/ Over boots
  • Shoe Cover
  • Sticky Mat/ Tacky Mat
  • Cap & Face Mask
  • ESD Garments
  • Clean Room Wipes

Illuminated Magnifiers

Illuminated Magnifiers have lens fitted with battery-operated lamp which illuminate an object during observation.


Soldering Tools

We offer following soldering and desoldering tools:

  • Soldering Station: Soldering
  • ESD Soldering Station: ESD(Electro Static Discharge
  • ESD De soldering Station: Soldering
  • Alarm
  • SMD Rework Systems
  • Iron
  • De Soldering Tool
Soldering Tools

EMI Shielding Tools

EMI shields prohibit electromagnetic radiation from penetration. We offer following EMI shield items:

  • EMI Sheet
  • EMI Tube
  • EMI Gasket
  • Heat Sink Pad
EMI Shielding Tools

VCI Rust Prevention Materials

VCI Rust Prevention Materials

Corrosion of metal products and parts reduces product life and can cost thousands of dollars. VCI Papers and VCI Poly Films produces a protective vapor layer which coats the products and prevents rust. Tests have shown that parts enclosed with VCI have been protected for 10 years and more. VCI is available in following forms:

  • PE Films
  • Stretch Wrap VCI Films
  • Shrink VCI Films

Master Batches

Master Batches

Master batches are used to modify the appearance and improve the performance of polymers such as LDPE, EVA, PP, PET, etc., various kinds of additives are incorporated into the plastic during the melt extrusion process. We offering following masterbatches.

  • Conductive Master Batch
  • Anti Static Master Batch
  • Anti Microbial Master Batch
  • VCI Master Batch
  • Custom made Master Batches as per customer specs

Consultancy Services

We provide ESD related consultancy

  • ESD Implementation
  • ESD Auditing
  • ESD Seminars
  • New Polymer Product Developments