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Masterbatch, Additives & Compounds manufacturer K K Polycolor India Ltd. has sophisticated production facilities, with state-of-the-art technology in Chennai and Kolkata with annual production capacity of 26000 TPA. The Masterbatch, Additive & Compound production units have close proximity to International Airports and Seaports to facilitate Import and Export apart from catering to every nook and corner of India. With experienced professionals in command of manufacturing and administrative operations, KKPC has achieved an unblemished record of customer satisfaction in the field of Masterbatches, Additives & Compounds.
Our aim is to grow our Masterbatches, Additives & Compounds business by making further inroads into existing as well as untouched markets in both national and international arena by fulfilling customers' aspirations for quality, competitive pricing and timely supply.
Our Range of Masterbatches, Additives & Compounds includes:
KK White Masterbatch
We have varieties of range in white masterbatch starting from Tio2 loading from 20% to 78% for the application from Injection, Blow to the finest film production with flawless quality and dispersion.
KK Color Masterbatch
We have over 2900 shades for all processing industries - injection molding, Blow molding, extrusion film, woven sack etc. Our color masterbatch loading starts from 1-6% depending on the wall thickness of the product.
KK Black Masterbatch
Ranging from 30%-60% loading carbon black blended with PPCP, ABS, PC, PMMA, LDPE, LLDPE, PP including cable compounding and Roto moulding grades.
KK Filler Masterbatch
Continuous R&D has resulted in excellent achievement in this product, known to reduce costs and is application friendly and more beneficial in terms of processing and quality. We have less specific gravity fillers for furniture industry and maximum loading to woven sack industry for cost and production benefit.
KK Additives
Bio Degradable Additives -
To degrade the HM film - an environmental friendly solution
Anti Microbial Additives -
To prevent bacterial growth in plastics, highly recommended for food, medical and cosmeticIndustry
Anti Static Additive
To prevent the static charge from the product.
UV Stabilizer
To protect the product from sun rays and prevent fracture in the plastics.
Slip Antiblock
To allow the smooth opening of the films mouth.
Nucleating Agent
To give more clarity in the Polypropylene products.
Anti Fog Additive
To prevent fog developments in green film hoses and the cold storage packaging products, to make the product clearly visible.
Heat Stabilizer
To improve the heat stability of the product during processing
Optical Brightner
To improve the brightness and create a special luster effect in the product.
Anti Migratory
To prevent the migration of the color/additives in the packaged product. Highly recommended for liquid packing industry viz oil, shampoo etc.
KK Additives
Cable Compounds
Flame Retardant Compounds
Filled PP Compounds
ABS + PC Compounds
PP + Nylon Compounds
TPE Compounds
TPR Compounds
KKPC'S quality control team is Led by qualified and experienced professionals with proven track record. KKPC produce wide range of Masterbatches, Additives & Compounds deploying proven technological processes and expertise developed over the years, satisfying international standards of quality. An uncompromised practice of serial quality checks carried out at different stages of production and finishing of each batch of production ensures that all quality benchmarks are satisfied before a lot is passed for dispatch. Sophisticated testing instruments employed in this process helps in meticulous and accurate test results that go a long way in enforcing our quality assurance system. The stringent checking with the help of Spectrophotometer has reduced the colour variation of our masterbatches to minimum. Another team of qualified executives have been trained to offer support to our clients in finding solutions to their specific problems.
The smooth running of both administrative and technical affairs in the company coupled with quality production, quick delivery and competitive pricing have enabled us to be awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Oslo, Norway.
Packaging Our standard packaging is of 25 kgs in HDPE/PP woven laminated sacks. The quality control officers checks finished goods on lot to lot basis in the laboratory before they are finally packed for dispatch.
The finished good samples are scrutinized with the help of latest Laboratory Equipment / Testing methods and the reports of the status of the products are recorded.
  Marketing Network
Managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Masterbatch, Additives & Compounds, KKPC caters to quality conscious clientele of all over India apart from clients from countries of South East Asia, Middle East, African countries, meeting strict norms for adherence to quality, service, maintenance of delivery schedules, prevalent shipping, documentation practices, prompt and proactive response to customers communication, which help customers to handle their consignments with relatively greater ease. Remarkable growth of the company over the years in the field of Masterbatch, Additives & Compounds is attributable to customer's faith in our teams ability to perform, abiding by these virtues and total devotion to the cause of customer satisfaction.
Masterbatch, Additives & Compounds are used in the following product appliaction:
Lawn & Pipes Wires & Cables
Automotive Food & Beverage Container
Electrical Appliances Carpet, Textiles & Upholstery
Medical Packaging Flim
Toys Office Furniture
Appliances Sanitary Ware
Woven Sacks Water Tanks
Health & Beauty Sports
A routine research and development program is in place in the Laboratory, which is designed to achieve the following objectives:
To develop improved manufacturing process and technology for fine- tuning of product quality.
Lowering of manufacturing costs through process innovation/upgradation.
To develop new variants of colours.
To minimize environmental hazards.
To develop best engineering plastic applications viz compounds, color masterbatches & additives.
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Company Name K K Polycolor India Ltd
Contact Person Mr.Tarun kankani
Address K K Manor F-6, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai-600 058.India
Contact Number +91 - 44 - 2625 0904
Fax +91 - 44 - 2625 0484
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