Landmark Extrusion & Engineering

Landmark Extrusion & Engineering

Dispersion Kneaders

Pelletizing Lines for Masterbatch, Filler & PVC
Twin Screw Extruders for Masterbatch and Engineering Plastic
Water and Air Ring Die face Cutter for twin screw extruder
Screw elements, Barrels and Spline Shaft for twin screw extruders
Filter pressure Valvue Testing machine
High speed mixers & Stand Cutter
Semi-Auto bag packing machine 
Filter Pressure Testing Extruder

The Filter Pressure Value Testing Machine is appropriate for the Mixing, Processing of High Polymers, such as engineering plastics, modified plastics and color masterbatch etc., is featured by uniform dispersion, plasticizing coloring and filling modification. The pressure transducer in this product can accurately measure the pressure variation before and after melt pump. The HMI operating system controlled by the calculator can readily set and display all technological parameters with the visual interface, accurate data and automatically calculated pressure value, enabling the blending quality of color masterbatch or composite materials more accurate and more standard.
Typical Application
R&D of new products and new formulas
Optimization of Production
Process Production quality control


Technical Specifications

Total Connected Load:  8 Kw
Screw Diameter: 25mm
Screw RPM: 0-120
LD Ratio: 1:25
Operating Panel: Siemens PLC
Twin Screw Spare Parts
Twin Screw Spare Parts
Pelletizing LPL 40 - With Water Ring Die Face Cutter

Special Oprating Panel

Salient Features

Modified complete stainless steel separator for easy and fast cleaning of mesh.

Multiple efficient barrel cooling
Specially designed Helical Gear box with inbuilt thrust unit
Best suitable for small batch quantity Masterbatches
Technical Specifications
Total Connected Load:   53HP Kneader Batch
Size: 18 to 25 Kg
Screw Diameter: 55mm
Output: Upto7OKg/Hr.*
*(Depending upon material density)

LPL-LAB Capacity 6 to 10 kg/hr.

Pelletizing Line with Air Ring Die Face Cutter

Salient Features

Smallest batch size to reduce minimum wastage of material

LPL-LAB Capacity 6 to 10 kg/hr
Quick color change & easy to clean
Most awaited solution for sampling in Masterbatch Industry
Special conical screw for feeding of material
Modify screw design for better conveying & to minimize over heating
Specially designed Helical Gearbox on kneader for better performance
Connected load 12 HP (without heating)