Polysmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Silver Certified Moldflow Consulting Partner - Engineering Design Consultancy Services

Polysmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Silver certified Moldflow Consulting Partner offering engineering services focused on plastic products.
In a Product Lifecycle, we follow the Six Sigma methodology and provide engineering design consultancy services in the areas of concept design, product engineering & detailing, meshing, structural analysis, Moldflow analysis, value engineering studies, Rapid prototype, mould design & audit and soft tooling. Polysmart has converted metal components to plastics by redesigning to optimize number of components and improving the functionalities. Polysmart has international exposure and has worked with multinationals. Using Midplane / Fusion / 3-D Moldflow solvers, we offer services for analysis of Filling, Packing, Cooling, Warpage, Core Deflection, Shrinkage, Fiber, Co-injection Moulding, 2-Shot Sequential Over moulding, Insert Over moulding, Gas Assist Moulding and Sequential Valve gate analysis. We also undertake projects for Meshing for Moldflow, Optimization studies for HR drops, cooling system, cycle time and validation of Moldflow results.
Polysmart inherited knowledge from parent company, Jyoti Plastics Works, who is in the business since 1959 and employs a perfect synergy of human intelligence, Six Sigma processes and advanced digital technology such as CAD/CAM/CAE. Our project profile includes projects for automotive components, consumer goods, healthcare and industrial products.
We offer following Engineering Services:
Moldflow services, FEA services, Mold design services, Product detailing services, GD&T Services


Product design optimization
  • Part Thickness Optimization
  • Balanced Filling
  • Clamp tonnage optimization thru product design
  • Rib and Boss Design
Design for Manufacturing
  • Confidence of fill
  • Molding window analysis
  • Multi cavity/ multi component molding
  • Over molding
  • Cold runner v/s Hot runner business case
Mold design optimization
  • Best Gate location, Runner & Gate sizing
  • M/c Tonnage Optimization
  • Cooling Layout, Cooling Insert
Material selection
  • Selection of right grade from flow perspective


  • Conceptual Product Design
  • Product Engineering
  • GD and T
  • Design Optimization
  • Value Engineering
  • Metal to plastic Conversion
FEA Services
  • Buckling analysis (Top loading)
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Side impact
  • Drop test
  • Colliding of packages analysis
Packaging studies
  • Load bearing capacity
  • Top Loading Analysis


Mold Management Studies
  • Mold design verification
  • Standardization of mold components
  • Nomenclature for molds/ components
  • Follow-up on mold construction
  • Metallurgy of parts, BoM verification
  • Mold maintenance plans, trials & dimension verification
  • Process set-up
Additional Services
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Rapid Prototyping
All Genuine CAD/ CAE software's and under Maintenance contract
Our group is producing plastics components for last 50 years
We are Silver Certified Moldflow Consulting partners
Associates are with solid industrial background
Developed strong processes and business practices for project execution
Work appreciated by our customers from Germany and USA
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Company Name
Polysmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person Pradeep Kamat, CEO

Shreenath Chambers, B- Wing 67 & 68, Gnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Ferguson College Road Pune 411005, India

Contact Number
+91-20 25520311/ 25520312, Cell: +91-9922942171 / 9970393991
Contact Number
+91-20 25520311
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