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Mundhra Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a sole representative and distributor of Color Service GmbH & Co. of Germany for their world-renowned masterbatches.The Mundhra Group is a legendary foundation with varied business interests in cement, petroleum, tiles, soda ash, packed tea and more. Mundhra Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., is an initiative that carries forward the tradition of excellence associated with the Mundhra Group. Mundhra Chemicals is one of the group’s newest diversifications, into the field of color concentrates for thermoplastics.
Our principal, Color Service is an exceptional thermal plastic color concentrates manufacturer with over 8000 customers worldwide. Color Service boasts of an illustrious list of top-high-end clients such as Mercedes Benz, Opel, Audi, Volkswagen, Grunding, Philips, Siemens, Nixdorf, Colgate, Revlon, and Johnson & Johnson.
Our Universal Masterbatches can color almost any kind of thermoplastics, ranging from olefins, styrenics, to acrylics, nylons, urethanes, or even glass filled compounds, mineral-filled compounds acetals, PPO’s PPS, PBT and PVC. These Universal Masterbatches come in use in a variety of different applications and have come to be synonymous with new generation high-grade color concentrates. Unlike what many chemical dealers offer, Mundhra brings to its clients only genuinely “universal” Masterbatches.
Mundhra Chemicals is the undisputed leader in engineering plastics. Our universal masterbatches are the only ones in India that can color all kinds of plastics – tough, hard, mineral-filled, glass-filled and more. Mundhra Chemicals undoubtedly remains the only company in the country that can supply you with masterbatches for all applications. Needless to say, we have the most supreme quality of masterbatches and an exclusive range. Apart from the Universal Masterbatches we also market Color Service’s special Masterbatches for PET, granite effect, pearl effect, sparkle finished, fluorescent masterbatches and fiber effect.

Universal and Fluorescent Masterbatches Products

UN Masterbatches

UN or Universal Masterbatches are used for coloring of all kinds of polymers

PE Masterbatches

PE Masterbatches are used for coloring all kinds of polyolefins

Lasermarking Masterbatches

Special Universal Masterbatches used for lasermarking of plastics

Color Gloss

Metallic, Perl and Interference Masterbatches. Color gloss is available in a wide and attractive range of colors.  

TR Masterbatches

For the transparent coloring of PS, SAN and PC0  


A range of low priced black & white masterbatches, extremely useful on a polymer specific or a so-called multifunctional carrier  

TRL Masterbatches

PE and UN Masterbatches with coloring  

Fluorescent Masterbatches

PE and UN Masterbatches used for translucent coloring  

DualGlo Masterbatches

DualGlo Masterbatches are a new generation of luminescent paints that can show dailypaints as well as nightpaints. The specialty of the product is that its luminous intensity is about multiples higher than with standard luminescent paints. Moreover, it has glowtime of 8-10 hours. DualGlo Masterbatches are available in give basic colors: white, yellow, red, blue and green.  


Colorclean is an extremely effective and universal cleaning compound for a quick cleaning of plastic processing machinery.  


Universal flow and release agent.  

Glitter Masterbatches

Glitter Masterbatches include glitter monobatches and a wide range of transparent and full color glitter possibilities.  

Polymer Specific Masterbatches

These are based upon PP, PS, PMMA, PBT, PA and more…  

Com bi Masterbatches

Com bi Masterbatches are used for special applications.  
Universal masterbatches, Fluorescent Masterbatches, UN Masterbatches, PE Masterbatches, Lasermarking Masterbatches, DualGlo Masterbatches, Glitter Masterbatches, Polymer Specific Masterbatches, Com bi Masterbatches, color concentrates


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Auto   Cosmetic   Electronic   Film   Medical Instruments
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Household Item   Sports   Stationery   Toys   XLP Cables

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