Machinery for Measuring and Controlling Thickness, Weight of Extruded Plastic Film, Sheet, Coating Thickness, Non-woven, Paper

Our thickness measurement system LM Gauge and flat die automatic bolt conversion kit LM Die Bolts are best suited for optimizing the thickness variation on extrusion lines within very tight tolerances for faster start-up, stabilized production, faster die adjustment and reduction in wastages. They can be purchased for new lines or retrofitted on existing lines.

Building on our experience of working with plastic machineries, we have identified a gap in the current offerings and are attempting to close this gap.

After the successful acquisition and integration of SBI Mechatronik GmbH, Austria, we have established Lohia Mechatronik in India, to provide proven European technology for the Asian markets.

Product Portfolio

  • LM Gauge X-Ray

    Application: Plastic Film/Sheet, Cast Film, BIAX, Non-Woven, Lamination and Coating, Raffia.

  • LM Gauge Capacitance

    Application: Extruded Mono and Multilayer Plastic Film and Sheet, Thermoforming Extruded Sheet (PP, PE, PET, PS, ABS etc), PVC sheets, Land Filler Liner , Embossed EVA Films.

  • LM Gauge Die Bolt

    Device for controlling thickness profile of extruded sheets or films. Die conversion kits for Extrusion Die OEM’s and End Users with existing Manual Dies.

  • LM Gauge Shadow

    Application: Composite Sheets and Textile, Flexible Plastic Film and Sheet, Non-Woven, Foam, Prepreg, Calendaring.

  • LM Laser Triangulation

    Application: Rigid Thick Plastic Plates and Sheet.

Our Vision

To use as much plastic as necessary, neither more nor less.

Our Method

To chase the last micron.