We would like to introduce our company Prefect Bioplast as the exclusive dealer for Oxo-biodegradable Masterbatches under the brand name "Reverte" manufactured by Wells Plastics, U.K. Our head office is located at Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We have more than 25 years of experience in the plastics industry and are providing sustainable technical solutions for many of today's environmental challenges.

Perfect Biopalst have come forward with a solution of Oxo?Biodegradable Master Batch manufactured by Wells Plastics Ltd., U. K. for plastics which makes the plastic degradable after a certain period of time when dumped. This masterbatch can be incorporated in the production of plastics items which are discarded after use viz. Carry Bags, Shopping Bags, Garbage Bags, Pouches, Food Trays, Glasses, etc. so that the manufacturers of plastics can be comforted from the ban or restricted use of plastics in the state. This programmable, non-toxic oxo-biodegradable MB technology contains no heavy metals and is utilized at a very minimal inclusion rate. This results in no change to the manufacturing process or performance of the finished product which has equivalent or better performance and characteristics as its conventional counterparts. With ISO certified manufacturing and accredited laboratory facilities, PerfectBioplast and Wells Plastics are able to design, develop and manufacture products to the highest industry standards. With various compliances and testing certificates from the laboratories all over the world, oxo-biodegradable MB (Reverte) is the perfect solution to the environmental concern. We can also provide in-house testing and Reverte? modifications to meet the specific needs of its valued customers.


Reverte™ is a family of oxo-biodegradable additive masterbatches which has been developed for a wide range of polymers and packaging applications.  These products are under constant evolution by a  company which really know plastics and plastic processes. It is this critical knowledge, linked with extensive onsite Laboratory facilities and state of the art production equipment, that means wells are partners who can contribute.
Reverte™ is technically superior to other oxo-biodegradables in the marketplace and this has been demonstrated time and time again. Reverte™ formulations offer a greater degree of control  and predictability than conventional oxo-biodegradables, a fact which we belive sets Reverte ™ products apart.
Wells Plastics Limited is the developer, owner and Manufacturer of  Reverte™  oxo-biodegradable technology.  Based in the heart of the UK, Wells Plastics has been Developing  innovative solutions for improving the  Technical properties of plastics for over 25 years  and hold an enviable position as a technology leader.

Reverte Oxo-biodegradable Features
The most advanced oxo-biodegradable in the market
Helps reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment
Adds value to products and brands
Small addition (generally 1%) renders standard polyolefin oxo-biodegradable
No modification or investment in machinery required for manufactures
Excellent physical and optical properties in blown and cast film
Cost-effevtive method of enhancing the environmental credentials of plastics
Allows all the performance aspects of your polymer blend to be maintained
No change in processing parameters
Products with Reverte additives are recyclable fully if unexposed to light, and recyclable partially after exposure to light, if in working condition.
Grade Application Products
Reverte BD 92771 Polyolefin viz. LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, HMHDPE All disposable products- shopping bags, carry bags, garbage bags, medical waste bags
Reverte BD 93470 Polypropylene(PP) Textile and Garment bags, food packaging film, non-wovents, disposables - trays, glasses, cups and containers
Reverte BD 93523 LDPE/LLDPE Agricultural Mulch film


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