PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

White Masterbatches from Quality TiTO2 Titanium Dioxide

PET Blow Technology is a leading manufacturer of PET stretch Blow moulding machines (specialist in hydraulic machines) in India. The group has credit of establishing blow moulding technology in India. It manufactures blow - moulding machines from 100ml to 20 liter capacities. The range is catered to cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, liquor and packaging industries. The machines are recognized for consistency and trouble free operation. Our company offers completely hydraulic machines. Our machines has specialised with battery backup system which perform rejection control in case of power failure. Hydraulic locking with double pump for more clamping force, facilities of single conveyor with two blow unit heavy body structure with small body size. Downsizing machines for a product thereby resulting in substantial saving in space and power cost. Facilities all post cooling, finishing and testing online. These series are differentiating itself from others for much fast reproduction at lesser power consumption. Thereby saving substantial labour cost and downstream equipment cost. are manufacturers and exporters of PET blow moulding machines.