KBM EXTRUSIONS MACHINES PVT. LTD is a an innovative and trend setting company based on 30 years of experience in manufacturing of Extrusion Plant diverse Plastics Products. We are leading manufacturer of extrusion machines for pipes (PVC, HDPE, PP, PPR) used for various application e.g. plumbing, drainage, irrigation, housing wiring etc., Recycling machines for company waste, PP injection grade, film waste and PVC shoe grade.
We have made machines for RPVC Pipes & compounding of Rigid & soft PVC, Twin screw Extruder and down stream equipment e.g. Die face cutter, Vacuum Calibration tank, Caterpillar/ Haul-off, pipe saw cutter upto 200mm.
We also undertakes special purpose machine. The company has the task of building the Extrusion lines, with direct responsibility for creating the machine that, thanks to years of technical - practical experience, could be developed based on more or less complex principles, according to predetermined technical procedures. Development, design and final mounting is extend consequently within KBM's factory.
The particular strength of KBM's Development and manufacturing team producing quality machines i.e compounding, recycling plant, profiles plants and pipe plant.
• M/S Suitall Polypro Ltd Chennai
• M/S Sintex Industries Ltd. Kalol
• M/S Sintex Industries Ltd. Bachau
• M/S Raj Plastics Industries Vadodara
• M/S Maruti Pipe Rajkot
• M/S Bhoomi Pipe Rajkot
• M/S Kisan Tank Pvt. Ltd. Kanpur

Dies for PVC and PE Pipes
- RPVC Dies guarantee full utilization of extruder capacity in manufacturing of PVC pipes.
- Large ranged pipes.
- Die saves time in change over.
Die for polyolefin pipe extrusion
- Basket dies are in useful in the extrusion of HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PP-R
- Low pressure build-up and low melt temperature, even with high outputs
- Good homogenization due to double diversion of the melt

High Speed Heater Mixer
High speed mixer for PVC dry blend compounding is very important machine for PVC processing like PVC pipe, fitting, cable, wire, pellet, sheet, PVC leather cloth, clandering plants, Shoe industries & other plastic processing industries.

Dry Pelletizing Plant
The multiple, helix-angled cutting edges on KBM milling- type rotor bellow running speeds of 500 rpm, or slower without a loss of production capacity. The cleaner cut made by these helix-angled edges produces far more than 1/2 percent overs and less noise during running.

The slower speed and KBM's noise isolation design keep palletizing noise below 85 DBA on most material without sound shielding.


Twin Screw Extruders
Precision engineered KBM extrusion plants have been the right choice for profiles and pipe manufactures.
• Energy saving
• Synchronization
• Hopper feeder



Vacuum Calibrator
- Separate circuit for vacuum generation and waste spray.
- Temperature flow and level controls are provided to enhance the calibration and cooling efficiency
- The system offers superior quality production and great saving in energy

Cater Pillar Haul - Off
- Pneumatic clamping of pipe makes it easier and efficient pipe traction
- Speed is controlled with AC drives
- Haul-Off is well synchronized with extruder for easy operation and smooth running

PE, PP-R Pipe Extrusion Line
The production line equips with high output extruder, the new type barrel has slots insides cylinder; the mixing type screw has a good plasticizing ability. The extruder provides high capacity and good quality to finished products

Jockey and Co-Extruder for Water and Gas Pipes
With this production line, you can extrude high quality large diameter water supply and gas supply pipes. The pipes produced by our line have excellent stiffness and flexibility, resistance to creep deformation, excellent heart-linkage. Large diameter HDPE pipes start to play very important role in the city water and gas supply systems.



Twin Die Pipe Extrusion Plant
Twin pipe extrusion is an important alternative when high outputs are to be achieved even with smaller pipe sizes. The line comprises of a single high output extender with twin die and haul off arrangements of vacuum calibrator haul off and cutting saw. These equipments have separate drives and individual controls.




Co-Extrusion Ball Pen and Refill Plant
Our New Ball Pen Barrel and Refill plant, it is designed for high output and ease of operation. The machine can produce pen barrel diameter extruded in precise microns. The complete extruder, haul-off and cutting unit is synchronized with AC variable drives. The compact jockey unit has been designed for colour line on the pen barrel.
• Dual Colour gives high output and quality pen barrels
• Negligible wastage and Precise length and diameter

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