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Plastic Auxiliary Equipments Manufacturer – Prasad Group
Prasad group provides solutions for the applications such as pet preforms, bottles, wires, cables, ducts, pet recycling, house hold & white goods, hdpe pipes, engineering components, caps, closures, PVC pipes, profiles, flexible packaging, woven sack, plastic auxiliary equipments
About Us
Prasad Group: A technology oriented Group, is known for producing world-class Plastic Auxilary Equipments.The Group also enjoys pan-India sales and services network. Innovative mechanism and the capacity to grow technologically with economical output have made Prasad a well-trusted and well-known brand. The lush green environment and work-friendly surroundings help develop world-class products. Currently, Prasad has India's largest and most sophisticated infrastructure for manufacturing Plastic Auxiliary Equipments. Automation, sophistication and upgradation of technology is the need of the hour and the company keeps itself fully updated to provide the same. Responding to the ever growing demand of automation solutions, the people at Prasad are all focus on customer satisfaction, operational excellence and above all design innovation.
Prasad Group believes in Economy through Automation, Solutions for Diverse Applications
Prasad Group provides solutions for diverse applications such as:
PET Preforms & Bottles
Caps & Closures Automobiles
Wires & Cables
HDPE Pipes & Ducts
Woven Sack
PET Recycling
House Hold & White Goods
Engineering Components
Electricals & Electronics
PVC Pipes & Profiles
Flexible Packaging
Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Prasad Group was incorporated in 1984. With annual production of more than 2,000 units, 54,000 m2 floor space and products sold around the world, Prasad Group plays a pivotal role in plastics auxiliary equipments industry. To provide top quality products and excellent technical services is its long-term commitments to all the loyal customers.

   Prasad Koch-Technik Pvt. Ltd.
A joint venture with Werner Koch Machinentechnik GmbH - Germany
   Prasad GWK Cooltech Pvt. Ltd.
A joint venture with Gesellschaft Warme Kaltetetchnik mbH - Germany

   Prasad Wemo Robot System Pvt. Ltd.
A joint venture with Wemo Automation AB - Sweden
   Prasad Crilec Automation Pvt. Ltd.
A joint venture with Costruzioni Meccaniche Crizaf S.p.A. - Italy

   Prasad Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Technical collaboration with Moditec s.r.l. - France
   Prasad Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Technical collaboration with Rapid Granulator AB, Sweden
   Prasad Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Technical collaboration with Ariostea - Italy
Products: Hopper Loader & Ratio Loader | Dehumidified Air Dryer | Volumetric Feeder | All Metal Separator | Gravimetric Blender
Central Conveying System | Hot Air Dryer | Silo and Silo Feeding System | Extrusion Process Control | Debagging Bin | Compact Chiller | Air Chiller
Mould Temperature Controller | Mould Dehumidifier | Servo Robots | Intelligent Control | New Servo Swing Arm Robot | Quick Gripper System 
Multi Function Robot | Gripper Kit GBL1 | Horizontal Conveyor Belt (with robots) | Plastic Conveyor Belts | Sprue Separator and Conveying | Drum Separator
Parts Counting - Weighing | Stacking System | The Power of Slow Speed | Goliath Granulator | Auger Feed Device | Goliath Twin | Masher System
Bigger Granulator | Rapid Granulator | Silo and Silo Feeding System | PVC Powder Conveying System | PVC Dry Blend Batching System | Additives and Liquid 
Contact Us
Company Name
Prasad Group of Companies
Contact Person Mr. Rajiv Trivedi

14 & 16, Phase 1 G.I.D.C. Estate, Vatva Ahmedabad-382445 Gujarat - India

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+91-79-2583 0112, +91-79-2589 0687, +91-79-2583 4323
Contact Number
+91-79-2583 0129
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