Plastic Raw Materials, Plastic Machinery, Product Testing Equipments

Plastic Raw Materials, Plastic Machinery, Product Testing Equipments
Plastic Raw Materials, Plastic Machinery, Product Testing Equipments
About Malaney - Plastic Raw Materials
Malaney is a multi-product, multi-service organization, focused on meeting the global sourcing, marketing and sales, distribution, supply chain management, and business process outsourcing, needs of numerous clients representing a variety of industries, from all over the world. Our services include marketing, indent sales, distribution from our own stock, supply chain management, technical support, and business process outsourcing for various operations and administrative functions. We employ dedicated marketing, sales, technical, and operations personnel, who are organized either by industry verticals, product lines, or regions, to very effectively provide these services.
The company was founded in 1972 to service the procurement, and marketing and sales, needs of numerous Indian and overseas companies. Our founder is a very experienced technocrat, employed with Bayer for over 17 years, both in Germany and in India, and his strong global experience was the foundation of the organization. We are superbly positioned to significantly benefit from the generally strong growth of the regional economies, and especially as it relates to growth of the regional automotive and infrastructure driven supply chains and industries. We are thus very confident that by leveraging our commitment to co-create value with our partners, our unique industry and individual customer insight, our extensive network, and strong infrastructure, we will contribute to significantly enhancing our partners' market positions as well, in some of the fastest growing economies of the world.
We are known for our strong expertise in six fast growing and critical supply chains:
• Automotive
• Infrastructure
• Food processing
• Life protection
• Petrochemicals
• Coatings
We are headquartered in Bombay. We have established a supply chain and distribution subsidiary in Sharjah (Dubai), The U.A.E. We own over 5,500 square feet of office space. Our own warehousing facilities, in the U.A.E., and also in India which is located close to both of India's largest ports, stock numerous raw materials, and capital equipment and spares. We have deployed state-of-the-art ERP, automation, communication, and security technologies. We have also significantly invested in e-enabling our business process.
To significantly co-create and enhance value within our core competence - the global sourcing and sales of the world's best industrial solutions and services - thus becoming the first and only partner of choice, within the supply chains in which we participate
We will offer a Superior Value Proposition:
By offering innovative and superior solutions, based on knowledge derived from a thorough and deep understanding of the supply chains and industries we focus on
By being ever mindful of the market, and also our Partners' - Customers and Principals - current and evolving needs
By creating trust so that we may speedily and effectively facilitate the most fair business transaction between 2 parties, who each typically try to extract a greater economic value for themselves, by ensuring there is a win - win - win between all transaction stake holders, and thus ensuring sustainable long term business relationships
With absolute integrity, honesty, commitment and responsibility
Industries And Customers Served
We typically offer an integrated supply chain solution consisting of industrial products and services, to each of the following industries we serve:
• Automotive
• Infrastructure
• Food processing
• Life protection
• Petrochemicals
• Coatings
We especially focus on South and West Asia's, infrastructure needs. We are universally recognized as the largest and most comprehensive supplier of choice to the Indian Tyre and Rubber, Life Protection, and non-asbestos Brake Lining and Clutch Facing Industries. We are also amongst the largest suppliers of a comprehensive range of products to the Optical Fibre Cable Industry, and have established a strong leadership position in numerous other key segments as well.
Our direct customers exceed 1,300 large and medium sized companies from South and West Asia; we also cater to numerous small customers through a network of sub-agents and local distributors.


• Aramid Pulp, Yarns and Ripcords
• Bonding Agent
• Butadiene Rubbers - Medium & High Cis
• Butyl Rubber
• Cable Filling Jelly Compounds
• Carbon Fibres
• Ceramic Fibres
• Coated Release Liners
• Core Flooding Jellies
• E- Glass
• EPDM Synthetic Rubber
• Flame Retardant Fillers - ATH/Magnesium
• Friction Stabilizer
• FRP Rods/ARP Rods
• HDPE black OFC jacketing compound
• HDPE insulation for JFTC
• High Density Polyethylene
• Linear Low Density Polyethylene

• Low Density Polyethylene
• Lubricants
• Micro Crystalline Wax
• Natural Rubber
• Nitrile Latex and Carboxylated Nitrile Latex
• Nitrile Rubber NBR/PVC Blends
• Noise Minimizer
• Nylon 6 Industrial Yarn and Fabric
• Nylon 66 Industrial Yarn and Fabric
• Optical Fibre Cables
• Optical Fibres
• Organic Peroxides
• Petroleum Jelly
• Polyester Industrial Yarn and Fabric
• Polyester Ripcords
• Polythylene Plates - HMWPE
• Polypropylene (PP) & PP Compounds
• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
• Precipitated Silca Filler

• PVC Impact & Flow Modifiers & Thermal
   Stabilizers as single packs and lead-free
• Rayon High Tenacity Industrial Yarn and Fabric
• Ready Mix
• Rubber chemicals (Accelerators, Antidegradants,
   Prevulcanization inhibitor, etc.)
• Rubber Processing Aids and Plasticizers
• Specialty Mineral Fillers
• Steel Hose Wire
• Steel Tyre Cord
• Styrene Butadiene Latex & Carboxylated
• Butadiene Latex
• Styrene Butadiene Rubbers - Emulsion &
• Thermo Adhesive Film
• V P Latex (SBR Latex with Vinyl Pyridine)



• Alpha trip Winding System
• Calender lines for Steel and Textile Cords
• Calendering Lines for PVC film
• Can Washing Machines
• Co-rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Line for Master Batch, Engineering
   Plastics, TPE & High Performance Polymers
• Creelroom Equipment
• Electro Fusion Equipment
• Extruder Lines, Continuous Vulcanizing Lines
• Handling Equipment for Tire Industry
• Plastic Pipe Corrugators
• Radial Tyre Building Machinery

• Retreading Machinery
• Second Hand Machinery for Tire and Rubber Industry
• Single and Twin Screw Extrusion Plants for Pipes,
• Profiles, Sheets, Foam Sheets, PVC Compounding & Wood Composites
• Slitting Machines
• Steel Cord / Fabric Cutters
• Tire Mold Cleaning Systems (TMCS)
• Tire Recycling Machinery
• Tire Testing Equipment
• Tire Uniformity Machine
• Tire X-Ray Machines, Grinding Equipment, Buffing Equipment

Paint Testing Equipments

• Coating Thickness Gauges
• Corrosion Cabinets
• Film Applicators
• Flow Cups
• Glossmeter

• Humidity Cabinets
• Opacity Meter
• Process Viscometers
• Salt Spray Cabinets
• Scratch Hardness Tester

Plastic Material and Product Testing Instruments

• Accelerated Ageing Chamber
• Apparent Density Meter
• Automatic MFI Tester
• Charpy /Izod/Impact Tester
• Cloud and Pour Point (CAPP)
• CNC controlled Milling Machine
• Cryostats, Dart tester
• Dilatometer, Quartz Tube

• Falling Ball Viscometer
• Infrared Moisture Analyzer
• Manometric & Volumetric Gas Permeability Tester
• Pipe Testing Equipment
• Resistance Meter, Tension Set
• Vicat / HDT Tester
• Water Baths, Industrial

High Precision Measuring Systems

• Electronic Scoring Systems
• Firing Devices
• Gas Pressure Measurement Systems
• High Speed Photography
• Inspection Systems For Fuse & Detonator

• Measuring Device for Rate of Fire
• Special Devices
• Temperature Control Units
• Time Measurement Systems
• Tracer Test Equipment

Rubber Testing Equipment

• Abrasion Tester
• De Mattia Flexing Machine
• Electronic Densimeter
• Fatigue Tester
• Gehman Test Apparatus (Low Temperature Resistance)
• Hardness Testers (Micro (IRHD), Macro (Dead Load), Shore A, D, O, M,)
• Heat Build Up Tyre Testing Machine (Goodrich Flexometer)
• Hydraulic Platen Presses

• Material Testing Machines (Universal Tensile Tester)
• Mechanical Latex Stability Tester (Synthetic & Natural Latex)
• Mooney Viscometer
• Multi Cell & MRPRA Ageing Chamber
• Rapid Plastimeter
• Resilience (Rebound) Testing
• Specimen Cutting Press & Dies

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