Distributors of Basic Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals, Agents of Domestic and International manufacturers

Pure Chemicals Group is a leading distributor of chemicals. It operates two broad SBU's - Basic Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals, meeting requirements both in bulk and standard packing. Agencies of Domestic and International manufacturers are being lined up aligning with the business need of the SBU's. Bulk imports are carried out in Kandla, Mumbai & Ennore ports while FCL lots are being imported in all leading ports to meet customer requirements with best possible cost to serve. Pure Chemicals group, with the core business of Chemical distribution has been built on strong values such as Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Ethical Business Practice and commitment to SHE (Safety, Health & Environment). Over the last 27 Years, the commitment to business and goodwill earned brought the company new agencies of domestic and International manufacturers, providing basket of products to different segment of the industry. The group provides value addition in the supply chain by offering infrastructure such as, Network of Branches with ware house, Qualified Sales Team, Underground Storage Tanks with barrel filling station for solvents in strategically important places, Quality control lab, Technical service lab for specialty chemicals and Ethical work culture. With the support of Customers & Suppliers, today the company finds place in the list of leading distribution companies in India. The group has diversified in to renewable Energy.
The company has established Regional & Branch Managers to closely interact with end users and to serve them. All branches are connected by Oracle based ERP network to provide MIS data to give the Managers an edge to take decisions. The company exports chemicals, as part of the growth strategy, by leveraging on the benefit of SEZ established in Kandla. As a part of the growth plan, chemicals from India are being exported to countries like Srilanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Middle East. The warehouse established in Kandla Special Economic Zone operates in the same way as they are in Singapore and Middle East, by providing a competitive edge.
Group Companies

Commodity Chemicals

We are committed to supply quality chemicals both in Bulk and Packed meeting the standards of the Customers. We have established efficient well managed ware houses at all our distribution points.
Alcohols and Ethers Glycols Aromatic
Methanol Di Ethyl Glycol Toluene
N.Butanol Mono ethyl Glycol Solvent C-9
Phenol Proplene Glycol - Ind / USP Mixed Xylene
Iso Propyl Alcohol Poly Ethylene Glycol Ortho Xylene
Poly Vinyl Alcohol Butyl Cellosolve Mineral Turpentine Oil
ISO Prophyl Ether Ethyl Cellosolve Solvesso 150
Di Acetone Alcohol Butyl cellosolve Acetate Solvesso 200
2 - Ethyl Hexanol Exxsol Hexane Tri Ethanol Amine
Butyl Acetate Cyclo Hexane Di Ethanol Amine
Ethyl Acetate Exxsol Heptane Melamine
Methyl Formate Mono Ethanol Amine
Monomers Plasticisers Ketones / Aldehyde and Derivatives
Styrene Monomer Di Octyl Pthlate Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Butyl Acrylate Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone
Ethyl Acrylate Acetone
Vinyl Acetate Formaldehyde
Cyclo Hexonone
Carbonates Chlorinated solvents Inorganic Pigments
Soda ash Ethylene Di Chloride Titanium Di Oxide (Rutile)
Potassium Carbonate Methylene Di Chloride Titanium Di Oxide (Anatase)
Sodium Bi-carbonate    
Phosphoric Acid? Food Grade    

Specialty Chemicals

PU Application Speciality Hydrocarbons Afcona Additives, Malaysia
TDI Exxon Dearomatized ranges Functional Additives - Conventional Wetting & Dispersion Agent
Polyol Exxsol D60 Defoamers
Additives-Silicone, Tin & Amines Exxsol D80 Levelling Agent
Colours-Pigment Dispersion Exxsol D110 High Molecular Weight Dispersion Agent
Mold Releasing Agents Somentor 31
Flame Retardants Somentor 32
UV Absorbers Somentor 43
Exxon Isoparaffins
Isopar H
Isopar L
Isopar M
Lyondell Basell, Singapore Everlight Chemicals, Taiwan CQV, Korea
P series Glycol Ethers Eversorb range of UV Absorbers & HALS Special Effect Pigments
Itoh Oils & Chemicals, Japan Daikin Industries, Japan Asia Pacific Microspheres
Polyamide Anti Settling Agents Polymer Processing Aids Phenolic and amino-based microspheres
Coatings & Paints
Aditya Birla Epoxy Resins Dow Chemical
For Coating/Civil/Composites/Electrical application
Reactive Diluents
P Series & E Series Glycol Ethers
FTC, Korea Shamrock Performance Additives
Paint Catalyst - Acid/Blocked/Tin/Polymerisation catalyst
Anti Foaming & Deaerating Agents
Levelling Agents
Antiflooding & Pigment dispersing agents
Rheology Control Agents
Functional Epoxy/ Polyester/Acrylic Resins
Texture Additives
Micronised - PTFE/PE/PP
Non Stick Coating - Water Based PTFE Dispersions
Offset Inks PE compounds in Soy Oil

Textile Chemicals

Textile Dyes Textile Chemicals
Foron Finishing
Drimaren Pre-treatment
Solar Enzymes
Dermapel O.B.A
Ramacor Dyeing and Printing
Sandopel Special Finishers

We have a large client base consisting of 5000 customers from industries like Bulk Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Textile, Leather, Packaging, Resin, Oil Extracts, Flavors & Fragrances, Paint, Printing, Paper, House Hold Insecticides, Food & Beverages, Chemical, Glass, Automobile, Polymer, PVC, Water Treatment, Rubber, Coir etc. Industries we serve include Engineering & Automobiles, Foam & Rubber, Food & Beverages, Leather, Lubricants, Paints & Resins, Pesticides, Pharma, Polymer & Plastics, Printing & Packaging, Soaps & Detergents.

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