Manufacturer of PP Sheets, HIPS Sheets, ABS Sheets, PVC Sheets, Rigid PVC films & Plastic Sheets Manufacturers

pvc sheets manufacturers, plastic sheet manufacturers
pvc sheets manufacturers, plastic sheet manufacturers
manufacturers of PP sheets, manufacturers of HIPS sheets, manufacturers of ABS sheets, manufacturers of PVC sheets
G.M.PLASTICS is one of the leading manufacturers of PP sheets, HIPS sheets, ABS sheets, PVC Sheets which started its operation way back in 1975. GM Plastics believes 'Innovation as key to future' keeping pace with modernization in all sphere of development, manufacturing and marketing, emphasis on product Quality & Client satisfaction. The company is managed by young Technocrafts & Professional directors who work fulltime and direct all other energies towards growth and effective running, paying special concentration on the area like research development, marketing & quality control. GM Plastics has a centrally located manufacturing plant in Mumbai which as well as equipped imported & modern machinery which has added new product line and thereby doubling its product capability with quality & reliability. Our main mission is to understand the customer requirement, timely delivery of quality product as affordable cost.

Plastic, PP Sheets, PVC sheets, HIPS sheets, ABS sheets manufacturers

PVC Films

Rigid PVC Films  
Characteristics such as transparency, lustrous colour, toughness, chemical resistance and easy processability. Is widely applicable for the packing of all merchandise, and for making stationery, decoration, construction material etc. Characteristics of vaccum formation, impact resistance and chemical resistance helps the film for making packing material for toys, tools, gifts and other merchandise. Rigid PVC Films
Non toxic Films for Food Packing  
For specific users, utmost effort was put in the development of nos toxic films for food packing. The film made from special non toxic formula ensures sanitation of packing and thus suitable for food packing. Non toxic Film for Food Packing
Rigid Film for Stationary  
As this grade is manufactured under high precision the advantage of toughness, high impact resistance, easy heating for the lamination and colouring process, it satisfies the requirement of stationery and can be punched, cut laminated, printed and heat sealed to make albums, comb binders, rulers, file folders etc. It can be embossed to make protective covers and floppy disks. Rigid Film for Stationary
Rigid PVC Films for Packing and Folding  
This film is transparent and impact resistance suitable for packing of toys, gifts, clothes, cosmetics and food. It can fully demonstrate the characteristics of packed items, so it will not fail to achieve the sound results in display and exhibition. In addition this type of film can satisfy the needs for folding. Rigid PVC films for Packing and Folding
Rigid Film for Offset Printing  
PVC film on a special treatment is found suitable for printing thus exposing a vast variety of applications such as playing cards, this also possess curve resistance, high impact resistance and excellent laminability. After printing and laminatiing, this film can be used to make credit cards, ID cards, registration cards, etc. It can go through the vaccum forming process to produce 3dimensional advertisementsand 3dimensional sign boards. Besides this PVC is majorly used in water treatment purpose, collar patty & butterfly. Rigid Film for Offset Printing

ABS Sheets

ABS Sheets is an engineering plastics with good stiffness, impact, strength and hardness. It can be printed, electroplated, embossed because of excellent surface gloss. Because of it's hypgroscopic nature it is being pre-heated to mouldings. It is mainly used for the following purpose.
Thermoforming of
Electrical Housing
Thermoforming of Seat back
& Base for molded furniture
ABS Doors Durable Engineering
Part & Accessories
Bumper & Dash Board
Thermoforming of Electrical Housing Thermoforming of Seat back & Base for molded furniture ABS Doors Durable Engineering Part & Accessories Bumper & Dash Board

HIPS Sheets

HIPS Sheets manufactured by blown film as well as T-die extrusion to enable to serve the industry with a competitive as well as economically concious market. HIPS sheets are widely used in thermoforming and advertisement industry. We can offer custom made sheets to match colour, size and quality.
Sheets for Refrigeration Industry  
HIPS sheets coated with GP layer for high gloss is suitable for thermoforming. HIPS possesses a peculiar property of withstanding very low temperature hence is suitable for thermoformed parts in refrigerator lining. Sheets for Refrigeration Industry
Hips Sheets for Publicity and Display  
Hips sheets are widely used for promotional packing, counter dispenser units, cosmetics, 3-dimensional posters and other displays is a perfect replacement for glass and paper. Hips Sheets for Publicity and Display
Polystyrene being economically competitive & easy to process is widely used for disposables like cups, trays, plates etc. Disposables
Vaccum Flocked Tray  
HIPS Vaccum flocked trays are majorly used in jewllers boxes, Pen trays & optical cases. Vaccum Flocked Tray
HIPS Other Uses  
HIPS Shets are widely used in mannequins packaging industry, sanitaryware like bathroom cabinets & door claddings. HIPS Other Uses

PP Sheets

PP Sheets are manufactured by high quality T-Die Extrusion highly Precious plant to give the consistent quality. We also give special treated sheet for printing industries. PP sheets are widely used in competitive market due to its lesser density. PP Sheets are available in different surface finishes like:
• Glossy Surface
• Orange Peel Surface
• Matt Surface
• Leather Surface
• Sand matt Surface
• Cross-Line Surface

PP Files Action Cases Note Book Binding
PP Files Action Cases Note Book Binding

Mainly PP Sheets is non-toxic, non-terrhile, flexible, stiff & long lasting reusable due to which it is majorly used in the following industries.
• Action Case
• PP Files
• PP Boxes
• Table mats
• PP bags
• CD Holder & Mouse pads
• Imitation Jewellery
• Door Cladding
• PP Note Book binding
• Garbage Cans
• Vaccum Forming
• Gift Case

Table Mats PP Box CD-Rom Holder Garbage Can PP Bags
Table Mats PP Box CD-Rom Holder Garbage Can PP Bags

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Manufacturers Of PP Sheets, Manufacturers Of HIPS Sheets, Manufacturers Of ABS Sheets, Manufacturers Of PVC Sheets, Rigid PVC Films,
Non Toxic Film For Food Packaging, Rigid Film For Stationary, Rigid PVC Film For Packing, Rigid PVC Film For Folding,
ABS Sheets For Thermoforming Of Electrical Housing, Plastic Sheet Manufacturers

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