Reprocessed Plastic Granules - PP, HDPE, LDPE

Poly Propylene, Poly ethylene, Plastic Granules by Plastograin

Plasto Grains is a reprocess plastic grinding and granules manufacturing and trading company. We deliver high quality, economical reprocessed polymers as per our clients’ needs.  We manufacturing Poly Propylene (PP), High Density Poly ethylene (HDPE) and Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) thermo polymers granules since year 2009. With the help of our skilled team of professionals, we finely process these granules with higher mesh and hydraulic dye changer technology in order to avoid any kind of impurity.  We at Plastograins have world class machinery for washing waste polymers which include 100 HP friction wash technology washing machine to achieve clean and dirt free polymers. Plastograins team has the knowledge and expert view of purchasing raw materials, through which we can choose virgin polymers with cost effective value to help our customers achieve Excellency with economy while manufacturing their end products. The quality of our products is highly appreciated by our clients. 

What makes us different:-

  • We manufacture high mesh granules with good virginity

  • We use “Friction Wash” washing technology to remove impurities form polymer

  • Competent in choosing virgin quality polymer with economical rates

  • We have MFI testing machine as well as strength testing lab