Polytec Masterbatch LLC

Polytec Masterbatch LLC

Polytec Masterbatch LLC is a leading manufacturer of high quality color and additive masterbatches for the plastics Industry. We carry a wide range of standard Color, White, Black, Additive concentrates. We cater to customer specific colours and specialized additive formulations for any plastics application. Our products are used in a wide range of plastics products, from everyday household consumer items to industrial materials and agricultures products.
A dedicated Application development Team ensures refinement of products, processes and materials to ensure our customers always stay ahead of their competition. We offer a comprehensive color matching service based on computerized color measurement technology, using the latest Spectrophotometer and software.

At Polytec Masterbatch we pride ourselves on our technical know-how

• We meet complex final application requirements and tackle difficult base polymers
• We manufacture special effect color masterbatch and additive combination masterbatches
• We are happy to supply small quantities if required and offer attractive discounts for bulk orders
• We work very closely with customers to meet their specific requirements


 Our Vision

• To be the industry’s acknowledged expert in the production of masterbatches
• To work with customers as partners
• To offer a level of service which is second to none
• To provide our customers with high quality product, anywhere, anytime
• We are always proud to be part of our customer’s success
• A keen sense of responsiveness and sensitivity to our customers need
• Our customer’s base is large and ranges from large international clients to small independent converters


Quality Policy

Polytec Masterbatch LLC is committed to produce and deliver defect-free Masterbatches, meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements through continual improvement in all the aspects of work & effective implementation of the Quality Management System".

Quality Assurance

• Adherence to ISO 9001:2008 QMS
• Close tolerances to match the color, hue and other critical functional properties
• Well equipped laboratories & state-of-the-art pilot plants
• Periodic review of standards and process to meet customer requirements
• Prompt after-sales service & technical assistance