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The first manufacturer of industrial heating elements in Western India, Pratik Heat Products got it’s start designing, crafting and selling Medium Watt Cartridge, Strip heaters, Tubular and Band heaters–to a limited number of industrial conglomerates in Maharashtra, India. We continue too proudly enjoy partnership with our first set of heater customers and have expanded our heater and heating element range as well as the geographical base of our operations.
With a diversified customer base consisting of OEMs as well as end-Users , Pratik Heat Products anticipated demand for high-watt density heaters as Hot Runner Systems began to proliferate in India and other regional countries.
We have pioneered new developments in heater technology and have become a full-service provider of Total Heating Solutions to the plastic processing and other vertical industries.
With constant technological innovation at our core, Pratik Heat Products Pvt Ltd. has proudly played an important role in developing heaters and heating elements as import substitutes by indigenously developing High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters, Spiral Coil Heaters & Micro Tubular Coil Heaters for PET Moulds and Manifold Tubular Heaters. In partnership with our growing customer base, and a vision to explore the possibilities of providing quality heaters across the globe we moved beyond the Indian and regional markets. We now proudly export to more than 26 countries across 4 continents.
Our commitment to service & quality control with computer aided engineering and efficient manufacturing processes is relentless. We deliver trouble-free heating elements for plastics industry to end users as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) by following internationally-recognized quality control and process inspection methods.
Coil Heaters
Coil heaters are an advance concept of thermal engineering which has a construction similar to high watt density cartridge heaters. These heaters are also known as high performance tubular heaters or cable heaters. The basic construction of these heaters consist of compacted MgO, high temperature resistance wire and stainless steel tube.
These heaters can be constructed with or without built in thermocouples. They are usually installed where space available for heating is limited and are widely used on hot runner nozzles, and manifolds, die cast nozzles, packaging machines etc.
Coil Heaters Cast in Brass
As the name indicates, this is a Coil Heater Cast in Brass having an outer casing of stainless steel tube. Available with an added feature of built in thermocouple, its applications are similar to coil heaters, such as Hot Runner Nozzles, Pressure Die Cast Nozzles, Tube Extrusion etc. ... but have some advantages over the Coil Heaters.
Micro Tubular Coiled Heaters
Micro Tubular Coil Heaters are manufactured in two standard diameters, 1.5 mm and 1.8mm (0.059” & 0.07”). These heaters are swaged and compacted to these diameters and fitted into special clamps to tighten over circular parts for heating purpose.
Formed Tubular Heaters
Formed Tubular Heaters can be supplied in either Stainless Steel or Incoloy with nominal sheath diameter of 6.80mm, 8.00mm and 10.70mm. Standard elements have a threaded terminal post which gives a cold section of approx 40mm minimum.
High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters
PHP's High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters are designed and manufactured out of experience of many years, thus the performance and life expectancy supersedes other cartridge heaters.
High Performance Heaters for Machine Nozzles
Compared to conventional method of heating machine nozzles with Mica Band Nozzle Heaters, PHP offers a High Performance Heater which has many advantages. This product has evolved out of experience and regular heater failure complains of plastic processor around the globe. It has a very robust design and can perform efficiently even where polymer spillage is a regular feature. These heaters can be manufactured with built-in thermocouple, thus can be controlled very accurately while processing sensitive materials e.g. Nylon 66 with 40% glass filled.
Ceramic Band Heaters
Available in SS Sheathing with Power Saving Options
Ceramic heaters conserve Energy with Improved Heating Efficiency
Upto 55 Watts per square inch
Special High Grade Steatite Insulators for Superior Thermal Conductivity
Designed for Higher Temperature up to 650 Deg C
Engineered for Longer life with Superior quality Nichrome wire for Uniform Temperature & Maximum Amperage carrying capacity
Efficient Heat Transfer even on irregular surfaces in comparison to Mica Band
Robust Terminal Junction with Specially Designed Protection Cap
Available in Various Lead Terminations & Clamping
Expandable to fit around the Barrel O.D. Easy installation and removal
Ceramic heaters Reduces Down time for replacements
Mica Band Heaters
PHP Mica Band heaters are available with or without outer heat saving insulation covers in various sheathing materials, viz., S.S, Brass, MS, depending upon applications which provides the best combination of physical strength, high emissivity & good thermal conductivity to heat cylindrical parts, good for sheath temperature upto 400OC.
Mica Nozzle Heaters
PHP Mica Nozzle heaters are a unique design developed by the company. These heaters are available with & without outer insulation covers in S.S sheathing depending upon applications which provides the best combination of physical strength, high emission and good thermal conductivity to heat cylindrical parts, good for sheath temperature upto 250OCentigrade.
Proud to have earned leadership through quality, customer satisfaction and proven experience over past 30 years, we have been pioneering in new developments in heater technology and providing total heating solutions to various industries. Our Wide range of products cover almost every kind of Industrial Heating Elements that are used in various applications in India and Abroad.
Pratik Heat Products commitment to service & quality control with computer aided engineering and efficient manufacturing process utilizing the optimal design parameters, we deliver trouble-free heaters for plastic processing machinery to end users as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) by following detailed and continues work in progress inspection and final inspection.
The development of technically advanced Heaters ie.: High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters as well as Coil Heaters for Hot Runner Moulds adds to Pratik Heat Products distinction as a leading manufacturer of Quality Industrial Electric Heating Elements, once again setting an example in the History of Indian Heater Industry to be the first and the only Manufacturers & Exporters of Heaters for Hot Runner Moulds in India.
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Company Name Pratik Heat Products
Contact Person Mr. Manish shah
Address 11/12, Tankiwala Industrial Estate, Steel Made Compound, Marol, Andheri(E), Mumbai 400 059. INDIA.
Contact Number +91-22-29200183 / 29200189 / 29204284
Contact Number +91-22-2925 4309
Email sales@phpheat.com, manish@phpheat.com
Website http://www.phpheat.com
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