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Eta Vibro Screens, Injection Moulding, Extrusion Masterbatch, PVC Compounding
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Eta Engineering Services, Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was founded in 1995 with the objective of being a source of quality goods and services, by team of technocrat qualified and experienced in the diverse field of Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering and Project Management. The prime movers in the organisation, Mr. Udbhav Mehta and Mr. Devang Mehta draw upon their experience in the field of equipment design & selection, project, planning, marketing and servicing. They have hands on exposure to process and engineering industry with in depth understanding of various processes, operations, materials, equipments and quality systems.
Founded in 1995 ETA has been able to carve out a niche where it is recognised as a solution provider to the process industry. ETA has built up on above strengths and acquired position where ETA can effectively understand the needs of the customer and map it to relevant equipment or system from the standard range, which can then be tailored to meet customer needs thus providing a customised solution.

Products of Eta Engineering Services - Vibro SCreens manufacturers

Vibro Screen

In plastic Industry, Eta Vibro Screens are used for following main applications:

PVC Compounding / Extrusion

PVC Compounding / Extrusion
In PVC Extrusion or PVC Moulding the Compounded Material coming from cooler mixer is often containing small Lumps, Globules or Chips which are not completely mixed. So it is necessary to sieve/ screen the material coming from discharge of mixer before the material is used by next process of extrusion.
Eta Vibro Screen separates out Lumps/ Foreign Material from Compound/ Resin by using wire mesh.
The Mixer Batch unloads in a short time to Siever/ Vibro Screen and is screened by Vibro Screen. The Lumps or chips which are not properly mixed are retained on screen and are discharged from the outlet provided above the screen. Powder which falls below the mesh is discharged automatically and continuously from the outlet provided below the screen.

Masterbatch Extrusion / Fillers Compounding

Masterbatch Extrusion / Fillers Compounding
In master batch or filler compound production, the polymer strand is cut into required sized granules using Strand Palletizer / Die face Cutter / Under Water Pelletizer Etc. Over and above the required size granules, this stream often contains joined granules, long strands, dust, chips or undercuts. Even in simple extrusion process of making coloured granules, this is often the problem.
For this purpose, Double Deck Eta Vibro Screens with two sieves, are used for passing OK granules and for removing dusting. The material is fed to the center of vibro screen on first screen separates out over sized material like joined granules and discharges the lumps/ large pieces through the TOP outlet. The middle outlet continuously discharges the useful size which is used for further process/ sales. The fine dusting or undercut / chips falls thru the lower screen and discharges continuously from bottom outlet.

Injection Moulding, Reprocessing

In Injection moulding industry Sprue, Runner or rejected molded articles are cut in granulator or scrap cutter to smaller size for the purpose of reuse. In granulator or scrap cutter, the fine dust is always generated. This dust, fines or chips may create black spot on moulded product due to charring or heating. Eta Vibro screens are very effective machine for online as well as offline use to remove / screen out these grindings.
Machine used is normally Single deck machine with wire mesh to retain bigger pieces discharge the dusting. As a result you get granules of acceptable size for reuse in moulding. This type of single deck machines are also popularly used by scrap recycling and reprocessing / reprocessed granules industry.
A double deck machine similar to master batch can also be used to remove very large lumps from grinding process.
Injection Moulding, Reprocessing

Polymer Powder

Removes Coarse / Unground Material from Powdered / pulverized Material for Steady Powder Quality Polymer Powder

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