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Platinum Chemicals Ltd. is an innovative company manufacturing performance additives widely used in the plastic and paint industry. Being the leading manufacturer of metallic octates and naphanates, the company has made a made a name for itself through its quality products, used in plastic & paint industry.
Platinum lays emphasis on manufacturing environment-friendly products that cater to the emerging environment-conscious standards of customers worldwide. We are process driven and our processes are aimed at meeting ISO 9001:2000 compliance standards. We understand our clients and customize it to their requirement. Our team visits the clients manufacturing unit and works closely with the client’s production team to understand their requirement and deliver the product according to his requirement

Our Vision: To be a respected name globally in the field of additives for the entire polymer range while pursuing scientific research for environment friendly products
Our Mission: To become a leading global manufacturer for additives being known for environment friendliness and growth through new innovations for the benefit of our customers

PVC One pack stabilizer

PVC One pack stabilizer is a combination of additives for the processing of PVC. A number of different additives like oxidizers, lubricants etc are put together to form one pack stabilizer
Lubricated One Pack Stabilizer
Particulars PCL 450 PCL 210 PCL 45 PCL 116 PCL 210SP
Form Flakes Flakes Flakes Flakes Flakes
Colour Off-White Cream Off-White Cream Off-White Cream Off-White Cream Off-White Cream
Lead as PB 20% (+/- 2%) 35%(+/-2%) 25% (+/- 2%) 28%(+/- 2%) 35% (+/- 2%)
Lubrication High High High High High
Specific Gravity 1.7 to 1.9 1.2 to 1.30 1.1 to 1.3 1.15 to 1.35 1.3. to 1.5
These products are mainly recommended for extrusion of Rigid Pipes, Pressure & Non-Pressure Pipes and Casing & Capping etc. These are well balanced complex lead stabilizer with exceptionally excellent

Non Lubricated One Pack Stabilizer:
These are high performance stabilizer, mainly used in the formulations of rigid PVC Pipes, conduits, suction pipes, casing and capping. Non lubricated One Packs has been specially designed for providing optimum performance on twin screw extruders Particulars 501 502
Form Non-dusting powder Non-dusting powder
Colour Creamy White Creamy White
Lead as PB 50-52% 55-58%)
Free Fatty Acid 1 max 1 max
Specific Gravity 1.9 to 2.10 2.2 to 2.3
PVC One pack stabilizer

Commodity Stabilizer

Are used as heat stabilizer in the PVC formulation. It can be heated to high temperatures without decomposition. These are non-dusting powder forms which helps the PVC in the extrusion process. These stabilizers are mainly recommended for rigid PVC pipes, profiles, cables, reinforced suction hoses, sheets and tubing and also for PVC compounds etc.
Particulars TBLS(Tri Basic Lead Sulphate) DBLS (Di Basic Lead Stearate LS(Lead Stearate)   DBLP( Di Basic Lead Phosphite DBLPTh ( Di Basic Lead Pthalate
Appearance White Powder White Powder White Powder White Powder White Powder
Specific Gravity 6. 5 to 6.7 1.9 to 2.10 1.3 to 1.4 6.9 to 7 4.5 to 4.75
Lead % as Pb 82 (+/- 2%) 54 (+/- 2% 30 (+/- 2%) 88 (+/- 2%) 80 (+/- 2%)
%  Volatile matter @105ºC for 2 hrs 0.2 max 0.5 max 0.2 max 0.2 max 0.5 max
% Free fatty acid - 1 max 0.5 max 1 max 0.5 max
Calcium Coprecipitate
Also known as Calcium separates are widely used as an internal lubricant and as a Co-Stabilizer in the PVC formulations. Used as a flow agent in powders including some tubes, a waterproofing agent for fabrics, lubricant in pencil and crayons. In plastics it can act as an acid scavenger, a lubricant and release agent. It may be used in plastic colorant concentrates to improve pigment wetting. In rigid PVC it can accelerate fusion, improve forward reduce die swell
Particulars Calcium Stearates
Appearance White Powder
Specific Gravity 1.06
Calcium % 6.5 to 7
% Volatile Matter @ 105ºC for 2 hrs 0.1 max
Free Fatty Acid 1 max
Commodity Stabilizer

Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers

Particulars Barium Lead Barium Zinc Barium Cadmium
Appearance Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity at R.T 0.94 0.87-0.9 0.972
Refractive Index at R.T 1.450 1.440 1.470
Application Suction Hoses, Rigid Sheets Plasisol Top Coat, Calendaring ETC. Clear Plasticized Films, Calendaring, Hoses, Shoe Compound
Barium Cadmium Zinc Cadmium Zinc Liquid Lead -
Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid -
0.93-0.945 0.928 0.970 -
1.455 1.140 1.450 -
Rexene, Book Binding Cloth, Lamination, Sheets, Master Batches, ET Calendaring, Kickers, Foam Coating, Spread Coating PVC Moulded Articles, Profiles Calendared Sheets -
Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers

Metallic Stearate

Particulars Cadmium Stearate Barium Stearate Zinc Stearate
Appearance Light ceramic powder White Powder White Powder
Specific Gravity 1.35 1.2 1.095
Melting point 100ºc to 105ºc 120ºc 130ºc
Metal content % 15 to 16 11 to 14 12 to 15
Application films in boards, soft pipes, letheroid, PVC soaps etc Lubricants, heat stabilizer, accelerators in plastic machinery engineering, rubbers, paints and inks industry ABS Processing, Anti Blocking Agent, Lubricants, Matting Agent, Paints Manufacturing, Polystyrene, PVC industries, Rubber, Rubber Parts, Rubber tyres
Metallic Stearates

Metallic Octates

Those metals that decrease the drying time (dry-to-the-touch or tack-free) and give better polymerizes films are called driers. In current coatings terminology a drier is a material that promotes or accumulates the drying ,curing or hardening of oxidizable coatings vehicles. These are further divided into two classes: those affect the oxidation of oils and those that affect the polymerization process itself. Oxidative driers can be surface driers (Cobalt, Manganese etc.) or through driers (Lead). Those driers affecting polymerization are called secondary or sometimes auxiliary driers and are often metals with only one possible oxidation state (Zinc, Calcium, Zirconium etc.)
Product Metal Content Metal Content Metal Content Metal Content Metal Content
Lead Octoate 36% 24% 18% 32% -
Manganese Octoate 10% 6% - - -
Cobalt Octoate 12% 10% 6% 3% 2%)
Zinc Octoate 18% 12% 6% - -
Zirconium Octoate 18% 12% 6% - -
Copper Octoate 8.5% 6% - - -
Cirrium Octoate 6% - - - -
Calcium Octoate 5% 3% - - -
Metallic Octates


Hydrocarbon waxes are used as a lubricant in the formulation of PVC pipes and profiles. Lubpack is a combination of lubricants containing solid saturated, partial fatty acid easters which helps the PVC by improving its flow, good compatibility, good stability and improves release properties.
Particulars Hydrocarbon Wax GP Hydrocarbon Wax A-1 Lubpack 207
Appearance Brown Flakes Golden Yellow Flakes White Powder
Melting  Point 75ºc to 80ºc 80ºc to 85ºc 107ºc to 110ºc
Application pipes pipes Pipes, fittings, injection moulded products

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