Sun Ace is recognised as a leading producer of PVC stabilisers and metallic soaps.

Sun Ace is recognised as a leading producer of PVC stabilisers and metallic soaps. We export to many customers in the petrochemical, food, personal care, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber, cement and coating industries around the world. Today our business portfolio comprises vinyl, non-vinyl and speciality additives. High quality raw materials are used in our production of PVC stabilisers and metallic stearates.

Sun Ace is an internationally recognised name for high-quality speciality additives. We realise that this would not be possible without the commitment and hard work of all our employees. They remain our most valuable asset and are responsible for the successes and continuing growth of the company. Sun Ace was established in Singapore in 1980 by Shinagawa Chemical Industry and has since grown and diversified into a leading global supplier of speciality additives and chemicals. Today Sun Ace is part of a network with manufacturing facilities and offices in the Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

PVC Stabilisers :

These stabilisers give PVC sufficient heat stability during processing and provide the finished article with the required durability in the course of its service life. Our products are used extensively in the building and construction as well as in furnishing and telecommunication industries. They are also commonly used for semi-rigid and plasticised PVC applications and in the manufacture of transparent packaging films and sheets, floorings, coated fabrics and automotive interiors.

Calcium-Zinc One-Pack Stabilisers

Calcium-Zinc solid and liquid stabilisers were traditionally used in the manufacturing of products such as PVC toys, medical products and potable water pipelines, where non-toxic requirements excluded the use of other heavy metal based stabilisers systems.

The high cost-to-performance ratio has limited the common use of Calcium-Zinc stabilisers in other general applications where heavy metal based systems are permitted. However, with continued advancements in formulation technology, the performance of the new generation Calcium-Zinc stabilisers has improved substantially. Today, Calcium-Zinc stabilisers can effectively replace and compete with other common heavy metal based stabilisers in many processes for rigid and flexible PVC products.

One-Pack Stabilisers

The use of PVC polymers has grown significantly and touches our daily lives in many ways. These PVC products can be found in applications spread over the major industries ranging from construction, medical products, packaging, furnishings and agriculture to telecommunications and transportation.

This demands a wide range of technical performance and properties for different finished products and for varied applications. PVC polymers cannot be processed in their raw form. To solve this limitation, the PVC resin has to be blended together with additives such as stabilisers, lubricants, plasticisers, fillers and pigments. Stabilisers belong to an important category of additives that provides heat stability and in some cases additional lubrication benefits essential to the PVC processing and long-term service performance of the finished product.

Liquid Mixed Metal / Organo Tin Stabilisers

Mixed metal and organo tin stabilisers are available both in solid and liquid forms. Their nomenclature depends on the different types and combinations of compounds used in the preparation of the stabiliser.

Liquid mixed metal (LMM) stabilisers are traditionally available in paste or liquid form. The former has been progressively replaced by more efficient solvent-free and also solid forms.

Metallic Stearates :

Metallic stearates can function as acid scavengers, lubricants, mould release agents, extenders, water repellent agents and other applications. This is due to their unique chemical structure and characteristics of having a metal and organic fatty acid component. They are, therefore, widely used as additives in many industries including plastics, rubber, coatings, cement, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical.

At Sun Ace, we produce a wide range of metallic stearates to service different market sectors. In addition, we have obtained various certifications, including Kosher, Halal, NSF and JHOSPA to support customers' requirements. This wide collection of certifications is made possible with the selection of vegetable-based fatty acid as our raw material. This allows us to declare that our stearates are not only BSE-free but also free of animal substances.

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