Shakti Plastic Industry

Plastic Recycler India

Shakti Plastics Industries is a Mumbai based company, established in 1969, that recycles all types of plastic waste and is among the leading recyclers of polymer waste in India. With 3 generations in the business, our unflinching responsibility towards creating and ensuring a safe and clean environment continues.
We are the leading manufacturer of all types of reprocessed plastic granules. We reprocess all types of plastic waste purchased from resin producers, molders, extruders, fabricators and recycling companies. The reprocessed plastic granules, manufactured from plastic waste are similar to the quality of virgin material and are fairly economically priced compared to the virgin material. We specialize in manufacturing quality recycled plastic granules to match any color as per customer’s need and specification.

Established in 1969, the company was started in 10,000 sq.ft. area with production capacity of of 150MT per month. Over the years we have expanded exponentially, spanning across 2.15 lac sq.ft. area with production capacity of 1600MT per month.

Research in Processing Plastic Scrap:
Research and development forms an integral part of our development process. We have done deep study as to maintain the quality of plastic doesn’t get degrade while processing. Utmost care is taken that chain of polymer is maintained.
We continuously invest in research, to improvise our products from time to time, and pass on the benefits to our customers in many ways. Whether it’s home or office, we strive to exceed customers’ expectations always. With over 500 people working in our unit, we ensure that every step in the operation is done with precision and perfection. Our dedicated approach to research has resulted in bringing about several breakthroughs in our products and processes.