Manufacturer of Single Screw, Injection Moulding Screws, Single-Hole Barrels, Parallel Twin Screws

Shree Muktajivan Industries
Manufacturer of single screws, barrels, injection molding screw, single hole barrels, parallel twin screws, groove feed bush, front barrels, twin hole barrel, parallel twin barrel
About Us
Shree Muktajivan Industries is a manufacturer of screws, barrels, groove feed bush and front barrels. Shree Muktajivan Industries has a strong team of skill labourers who have complete knowlege of screw and barrel. Company has own marketing system to connect with the direct end-users. The company supports them with customize solutions of high output designs and best service life screw and barrel.


Single Screw

A wide range of Single Screw and Barrel For
• Extrusion Plants (Monolayer Blown Film Plant, Multilayer Blown Film Plant, HDPE Pipe,
  Wovensack/Raffia Tape Plant, Monofilament Yarn, Plastic Sutli, Suction Hose Pipe, PVC Pipes, and etc.)
• Injection Molding Machine (PP Caps and all Plastic Molded Items)
• Blow Molding Machine (Plastic Jar, Can, Bottle etc.).
Screw dimensions vary from dia. 18 mm to dia. 125 mm with 1:16 to 1:40 l/d and are made from tested nitride steel. It includes Toughening, Stress Relieving, Gas Nitriding or Plasma (Iron) Nitriding.
We provide a special Hard Face Metal Coating in single screw feed zone section to increase the life of Single Screw. We also provide special surface treatment such as Hard Chrome Plating in special purpose screw or requirement of basic polymer.
Single Screw

Injection Moulding Screw

We manufacture the Injection Moulding as per our clients’ machine standard and design. We give a proven design to deliver the highest through put and superior melt quality when compared to other designs. In Injection molding, Barrier design is especially effective with polyolefin and styrene based resins. Injection Moulding Machine Screw provides mixing quality 3-5 times better than a single stage design. Injection Moulding Screw

Single-Hole Barrel

Our company is providing Single and Twin Hole Barrel with desired accuracy without any taper. The Single-Hole Barrel offered by us is manufactured up to dia 250mm X 4000mm length using honing process with proper tolerances and accuracy. Barrel is also dually Toughened, Tempered and Gas Nitriding or Plasma Nitriding. We manufacture Twin Hole Barrels from internal dia. 52 mm to dia. 120 mm & maximum 1600 mm length. Special Bimetallic sleeve also can be provided in partial length of barrels as per customer's requirements. We also provide the HSS M2 Sleeve fitted barell which is joined with the mother barrel and make one pair. It is also generally known as Front barrel, increasing the life of the barrel. Single-Hole Barrel

Parallel Twin Screw

We manufacture Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel with special nitride steel which is gives the longer life and also the higher output as their designs. We provide Hard face Metal Coatings on the Metering zone which is finally increasing the life of the Parallel Twin Screw Extruder. The Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel is used for twin screw extrudes (Rigid PVC Pipes and other uses). Parallel Twin Screw

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