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Bohler is recognized as one of the major suppliers of Special Steels, die steels, steels for plastic moulds and dies and High Speed Steels in the Indian market. For over a century the name Bohler has been synonymous with service, quality and consistency. As one of the world's largest producers of special steels, Bohler's dedication to providing the customer with real benefits is reflected by carefully controlled R & D and investment. Our research and development activities concentrate on melting and casting metallurgy, the processing of special steels into finished products, as well as improving and developing new materials and products. Over recent years Bohler has invested in a state-of-the-art Powder Metallurgy plant and a Vacuum Induction Melting plant, enhancing its market position and capacity to offer the highest quality steels available.



Plastics Mould Steel (Steels for manufacturing Plastic Injection Moulds and Dies)

For the manufacturing of plastic parts, steels are required which have a high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good polishability with ease of machinabilty and less tool wear. Depending on the properties required, case-hardening steels, heat treatable steels, corrosion resistant steels, nitriding steels and martensite hardening steels or high performance powder metallurgical materials are used. Böhler delivers a series of Plastics Tool Steel and Mould Material Grades for plastics processing which are supreme in the industry. Our products are manufactured using both conventional and powder metallurgical production techniques. Our close cooperation with tool designers keeps us abreast of the latest demands placed on Plastics Tooling. Tailored to the needs of the various plastics moulding applications, Böhler Plastics Tool Steel and Mould Materials are ideal where high polishability, improved resistance to corrosive and/or abrasive polymers, high thermal conductivity, uniformity and reliability are required. Plastics Mould Steel

Cold Work Steel

BÖHLER cold work tool steels are used for cutting and pressing tools, for dies and knives, for stamping and drawing tools, hobs, thread rolling tools and in many other applications due to their typical properties high hardness, good toughness and compressive strength and high wear resistance. High availability, cost efficiency and a long tool life are the most important factors in choosing a material. Cold work steel is exposed to high stresses and requires great resistance against wear, impact and bending. The development of new steel grades is mainly guided by analyzing damage suffered by tools in various processes. In each area of use, properties are sought which will extend the working life of the tool. Different types of wear demand different types of steel. Product development is moving towards producing more robust steel with higher resistance to wear and greater durability. We can help the tool user to choose the right steel and heat treatment for the application. This usually results in lower tooling costs, lower maintenance costs and less downtime. Cold Work Steel

Hot Work Steel

Pressures die casting and extrusion, the ultimate test of a hot work tool steel. Only very special steels are suited to these applications. The particular properties of BÖHLER hot work tool steels are specifically trimmed to their use at high temperatures. The cleanliness of the steel is a deciding factor for a long tool life and for resistance to heat checking. Typical applications for hot work tool steels are: pressure dies casting, hot extrusion, open die forging, and plastic processing. As a result of our experience in both the production and research of hot work die steels, Böhler has been able to consistently improve material quality with regard to toughness, temper resistance, homogeneity and degree of purity. These material improvements provide considerable advantages to both the toolmaker and end user, including the following:
- Resistance to heat checking
- Corrsion resistance
- Increased hot strength and ultimately, longer tool life.
Hot Work Steel

High Speed Steels

BÖHLER high speed steels are used for machine tools such as drills, taps, hobs and broaching tools and in some cold forming applications. The properties required here are wear resistance, hot hardness and toughness which prevent breakage of cutting edges. This guarantees high tool life and low maintenance, and ensures a reproducible production process. Our high performance powder metallurgical high speed steels are a specialty. They are the mainstay in this demanding market segment.
The characteristic properties of all high speed steel grades include:
• High working hardness
• High wear resistance
• Excellent toughness
• Compressive strength
• High retention of hardness and red hardness
• Strength to prevent breakage on the cutting edge
High Speed Steels

Special Materials

Bohler is recognized as a leading producer of special materials for the offshore, aerospace, medical and automotive industries, together with a worldwide reputation in turbine balding bar. Success in supplying to such industries has only been achievable by gaining the relevant approvals from many of the top O.E.M.s throughout the world, proving that our quality is second-to-none. Our production range includes over 400 special material grades including creep-resistant stainless, nickel-based alloys and high temperature alloys. The steel can be supplied in many forms from bar, billet, sheet and plate to custom forged and finished products for rotors, shafts, blades and disc applications. Special Materials

Complementary Products

Bohler has worldwide partners and is embedded in strategic alliances around the globe. Therefore, any request from your side could be sourced from us. In particular, we will be constantly developing our local stock and based on your requirements, we can stock complementary items including stainless Cr-Ni steels, stainless Cr-steels, case-hardening steels and heat treatable steels. Complementary Products

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