Thermal Analysis Calorimetry and Testing of Thermophysical Properties

NETZSCH Technologies

The NETZSCH Group is an owner-managed, internationally operating technology company headquartered in Germany. Three Business Units – Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing, and Pumps & Systems – provide tailored solutions for highest-level needs. Over 2,500 employees at 130 sales and production centers in 23 countries across the globe guarantee that expert service is never far from our customers.

When it comes to Thermal Analysis, Adiabatic Reaction Calorimetry and the determination of Thermophysical Properties, NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing has it covered. Our 50 years of applications experience, broad state-of-the-art product line – covering a temperature range from -260°C to 2800°C – and comprehensive service offerings ensure that our solutions will not only meet your every requirement but also exceed your every expectation.