KERONE is a recognized leader in the field of tubular electrical heating elements, known for the quality and performance of its products and its services. Kerone aims at producing standard and customers specific electrical tubular heaters for various industrial & domestic use produced as per national & international standards. KERONE has fully integrated Manufacturing Facilities to meet all the requirements for producing tubular electrical heaters.
We have state of the art machines which can produce straight, modulated, multi-dimensional and client specific heater to international standard. Our testing facility is geared to qualify all our products to national & international standards. Our products are stamped and rated as per ISI: 4159.
Some of the highlighting factors that have helped us in garnering repetitive orders from global clients include:
   •  Our adherence to the international quality norms
   •  We boast of a proficient team & sound infrastructure to back our operations
   •  We also customize products as per the specifications of our clients
   •  Timely deliveries of consignments
   •  We offer products at a market leading prices

Corrugation Heater

These are heating elements used to heat the rolls of the corrugation machine which in turn forms flute on the paper. These are specials purpose heating element just designed for corrugation. These are specific models of heaters for different machine models. The heating element is easily replaceable. Quick heating elements is provided hence highly economical in power consumption

Immersion Heaters

Tubular elements used for heating liquids (corrosive and non-corrosive) are known as immersion heaters. For corrosive medium, sheath of the element can be enclosed in metallic or non-metallic Element casing made of special alloy can be used for longer life of the element. Available in ranges of 1 KW to 4.5 KW with adaptor fittings 1 B.S.P to 21/2 B.S.P threaded brass flanges duly nickel Chromium plated. Heaters high ratings are available on request with flanged connections. The Photographs are those of water 7 oil immersion heaters simultaneously.

Space Heaters Embedded Elements and Metal Casted Elements

The heat developed in the tubular element can be transmitted to the Surroundings either by convection, conduction or rations depending On the operating temperature and method of use. A large number of heating elements grouped together to heat the space are called space Heater. They can be used in ducting, hot air batteries. Space heaters emit heat through radiations in more or less air flow. Available in various sizes as per customers specifications ranging from 3KW to 450KW.

Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are used to heat dies for plastic packing plants and various other applications, Cartridge heaters are smaller in size and are available in two types: High Watt or Low Watt Cartridge heaters are basic to specific heating and are available in sizes 6mm O.D to 2 O.D.


Toaster Elements

Geyser Elements

Oven, Toaster & Griller Elements


Inverter MSD Series

Inverter 7300 EV

Inverter 7300 CV



Ceramic Infrared Heaters

Our Ceramic Infrared Heaters are available in two standard models
   •  Full Length 245mm (FSR) 60mm 250 to 1000W
   •  Half Length 122mm (FSR/2) 60mm 125 to 50
   •  In Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming Machines
   •  In PVC Pipe Belling/ Socketing Machines
   •  In Hot Stamping Machines
   •  As Heat Therapy Equipment
   •  In Shrink Packaging

Colour Changing Infrared Heaters


   •  Thermoforming
   •  Vacuum Forming
   •  Shrink Wrapping/ Fitting

   •  Paint & Powder Industrial
   •  Drying Applications
   •  Mold Heating

Ceramic Flat Infrared Heaters


   •  Thermoforming
   •  Vacuum Forming
   •  Shrink Wrapping/ Fitting

   •  Mold Heating
   •  Drying Applications
   •  Paint & Powder Industrial

Insulated Ceramic Infrared Heaters


   •  Thermoforming
   •  PVC paste coatings on fabric
   •  Powder Coating

   •  Paint Baking
   •  Tenmpering Glass
   •  Soldering Printed Circuit

High performance Infrared Heaters

These radiators are ceramic infrared rod radiators, which can be used for operating temperatures up to 1000° C and surface rating up to 87 kw/m2.

Medium Wave Infrared Heaters

Our medium wave infrared lamps have found applications in

   •  Shrink Packaging Machines
   •  Lamination Industries
   •  Drying Textiles
   •  Curing Rubber

Medium Wave Infrared Heating Modules

   •  Thermoforming
   •  Plastic forming.
   •  Shrink packaging tunnels
   •  Drying lacquers and paints
   •  Laminating
   •  Curing rubber
   •  Drying textiles

Shot Wave Infrared Heaters

   •  PET perform heating in stretch blow molding machines
   •  Printing ink drying in offset machines
   •  Paper coating drying
   •  Pre-heating prior to embossing
   •  Screen printing curing on T-shirts
   •  Textiles and many more

Shot Wave Infrared Module

   •  Curing of paint
   •  Powder coating
   •  Lacquers Drying
   •  Printing ink
   •  Drying glaze on Ceramic Tiles
   •  Drying Gumming Sheets
   •  Drying Adhesives Tapes
   •  Latex paper
   •  Textile
   •  Car body works

Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module


Super High Temperture Black Infrared Heaters

Thermocouple Ceramic Infrared Heaters

Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater

Fast Medium Wave Infrared Heater


Quality is all pervasive and is given a preferential position in our organization. Our entire range of activities right from production to distribution revolves around quality. This adherence to quality has resulted in consistent growth and development of our company.
We have employed adroit quality auditors, who perform various tests to ensure the quality and durability of our heating equipment. Apart from this, they also strive to make sure that these products are made from superior quality raw material. Every single piece from each category of products is passed through stringent quality checks to offer our clients a flawless product range.
   •  Responsiveness standard.
   •  Versatility.
   •  Precision of OD sheath tolerance.
   •  Sheath material selection.
   •  Fitting of the bore.
   •  Heat transfer.
   •  Density.
   •  Compactness.
   •  Performance.
   •  Temperature withstanding capacity.
   •  Resistance to corrosion.
Further, we stay abreast with the market trends and regularly upgrade our technology in order to fabricate technically accurate and advanced heaters. We consider our Research & Development wing as a pillar of success for our organization. Our efficient research and development unit is effectively managed by our experienced team of research associates who keep themselves abreast with latest technological developments. Utilizing the skills and knack of our researchers, our company is tremendously gaining wide customer acceptance. .
Our research analysts sensibly utilize the available resources and club them together to form the basis of their study. Their in-depth study gives us consent in terms of bringing about innovation and technological improvements in our product range, matching the changing market trends.

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