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Vivek Polychem Pvt. Ltd., with a capacity of 2400 MT per annum is today we rank among pioneer manufacturers of a wide range of Polyethylene Masterbatches/Colour concentrates and other plastic compounds. The company is a young, dynamic ISO 9001:2000 company that is among the fastest growing name in the field of Plastic Masterbatches in India. The company was promoted in the year 1995 by prominent entrepreneurs with substantial on-line experience of the Plastic Industry with an ultramodern and latest technology plant. This was the first plant of its kind in Uttar Pradesh with a small capacity of 180 MT. per annum. By catering to the growing requirements of Indian polymer processing industry powered by a prolonged commitment to excellence, uncompromising quality and consistency, complimented by total reliable customer support who placed confidence on us and trusted our quality standards since inception, we have grown to our curreent size and stature.
VIVEK has an unique depth worldwide in masterbatches & colour concentrates coupled with unparalled technical services and personalized service attention at every step of the way.
Specific colour matching even for most critical applications are turned around within 24 hours. Quick & exact colour matching is an integral part of our services.
Masterbatches especially formulated and manufactured on most modern machines with uncompromising quality control, insures zero defects. These are die face cut and are spherical in shape, free from any moisture contents, giving uniform and excellent dilution.
"SHINEY" masterbatches scores high on the parameter such as quality, disperse-ability, strength, adaptability, economy, closest match & after sale services.
"SHINEY" colours work right the first time, and every time thereafter.
The Performance Benefits: A cut above the rest
A Masterbatch is a concentrate generally consisting of a thermoplastic resin with a high loading of pigments and/or other special additives. The resin in the Masterbatch is selected to give optimum wetting and dispersing of the pigments as well as to ensure complete compatibility with the resin to be coloured.
The complete range of "SHINEY" Masterbatches, colour concentrates & other plastic compounds are engineered to perform excellent dispersion at the time of processing and to add gloss too in plastic products. The fine mesh treated pigments and processing aids are uniformly dispersed in polymer medium to ease its dilution in medium as well as high output machines. The outstanding physical properties of our Masterbatches result in excellent process-ability.
Cost Effectiveness
The colour matching of components with the customer's standard & specification has become very essential together with its important role in cheaper colouring cost too. Because the exact matching of shade as per requirement of customer will make effect in the consumption of masterbatch with less percentage. We have kept the prices competitive with further advantage of cost cutting due to higher pigment loading and thereby better yield in comparison with alternative masterbatches.
The development of new masterbatches are continuously done in line with requirement of Indian & international customers. By virtue of economy and excellent quality, shade & depth of colour of our masterbatches, we are in regular list of prominent plastic industries in India & abroad.
Since we are situated in the middle of the country. So we enjoy excellent transportation facilities. We always try to reduce lead-time of our customers and confidently ensure even those customers too who are at the remote locations, to receive consignment within justifiable time to enable them to avoid carrying excessive inventories at their end.
Our Quality Assurance Research & Development Policy
Our manufacturing facility at "Vivek Polychem Pvt. Ltd." is well equipped with highly automated state of the art plant & machinery and latest instrumentation laboratory & trained chemists monitors quality both at the raw material as well as finishing stages, thereby ensuring batch to batch consistency in quality as well as colour specification, each & every batch is tested for its pigment content & colour variation by means of computer.
The inputs of masterbatches are provided by strict quality control over the incoming raw materials. Only approved grades of our all inputs are utilized for manufacturing of "SHINEY" Masterbatches. We have most advanced R&D department and quality assurance facilities. We are committed to ensure customer's satisfaction in totality by supplying materials of higher quality as per their requirements and to strive hard on improving our quality and services regularly.
We conclude our production under strictest supervision and all our masterbatches undergo rigorous quality checking before dispatch to our customers to make it a problem free masterbatch. Thanks to such advanced equipment, "VIVEK" offers a full spectrum of high quality products "SHINEY" masterbatches, colour concentrates & other plastic compounds.
  Our Mission
Company sees itself as a strategic service provider, rather than a mere product manufacturer, to our customers / partners so proactively, that they are guaranteed to always receive the most efficient and cost effective services available today and tomorrow. By keeping our endeavours to provide cost efficient quality masterbatches with top quality inputs to diverse clients turn the most challenging product ideas into a viable reality with customer service and their satisfaction is our motto.
Our technical staff is always at your disposal in order to solve any problem you may encounter at your end. We offer technical support from our technologists to help you to solve problems related to processing and colour matching either in our laboratory or at your facility. Our purpose is to provide quality products & services of unequal value, we strive hard to be the supplier of choice - Quality mission.
Started in 1995, our objectives and goals have been to attain the highest technical performance at the most competitive prices. We would like to work hand in hand with our clients to achieve mutual development.
Shiney Additive Masterbatch

Our specialty is to develop tailor-made colour Masterbatches. Our purpose is to customize the requirements of our valued customers. To meet their requirements we come out with the perfect solution to their coloring problems. The dedicated team of well - versed plastic technologists strives hard to solve your coloring problems in shortest possible time, so that you get desired performance benefits at the time of end use.
The brand 'SHINEY' adds value to plastic products due to the compatibility and homogeneity during processing at our client's end. 'SHINEY' not only offers high-grade product advantage but also the best technical services to all our valued customers.
You name the colour: we have it:
Now it is much easier to add colour to plastics than ever. We are capable of developing almost every shade of this colorful world. We are equipped to develop any colour, any shade any hue of your choice in our manufacturing unit within 24 hrs. with your entire satisfaction. The wide range of our Masterbatches conforms to the higher quality standards. Send a colour sample of your product and we will do the rest. We also have a large number of standard colour masterbatches with pre-formulated pigments & additives. The CATALOUGE with Technical Specification & Pantone Colour Shade Code No. is given here for your ready reference. It may be noted that the colours shown on computer screen may differ from system to system.
SHINEY Black MasterBatch, being highly filled and free of low molecular weight waxes used to aid dispersion, (low molecular weight waxes in the masterbaches will result in lowering of some properties like tensile strength & % elongation of the final product) .A wide range of Black masterbatches suitable for applications ranging from film, fiber, molding, pipe, sheet, special black, food contact black & conductive black. Since Black masterbatches have strength and disperse-ability, they are also used in automotive, electrical, electronics & household appliances. It is used in pipes since it has low moisture absorption, dilutibility and weatherability.
To make white masterbatches various white pigments can be use but we are mainly using Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide because of its unique properties.
The main feature of Titanium Dioxide is its excellent whiteness, highest opacity and in conjunction with almost all coloured pigments, the brightest and cleanest pastel shades......
Uv STabilizer, Flame Retardants, Anti-static's, Slip & Anti-block, Mold Release, Anti oxidants and Antifogging Agents.
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