Polyalwan - Specialized in the Production of Masterbatches, Additives and Compounding

PolyAlwan is an affiliate of Roya Chemicals Industries Company (Royachem) and is specialized in the production of Masterbatches, Additives, and Compounding. Our facility is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The facility is equipped with ultra-modern machinery that is accredited by international standards. It is peopled with a workforce that understands the nitty-gritty of the industry. The company has employed streamlined process to ensure quality of products and timely manufacturing. The facility has the capacity to produce 500 MT / month of Color Masterbatch and 1200 MT / month Anti-fab Filler compound in its future expansion

Our Vision
To be a reliable producer of Masterbatches through constant growth and innovation. This will be achieved by putting all possible efforts to ensure the satisfaction and growth of our end users

Our Mission
To be the most technically advanced producer of Masterbatches maintaining the highest quality at the most competitive cost. We at PolyAlwan are committed to demonstrate our leadership in the field of color Masterbatches by focusing all our action towards customers’ satisfaction and make significant contribution to their success and growth
To achieve this we have added a state of the art twin screw extruders in our Production facility

PolyAlwan Masterbatches are free from Contaminations & impurities (having excellent filter value), Moisture, Angel hairs and Fines, over size pellets
PolyAlwan Masterbatches are available with following characteristics:
Reasonable and excellent UV stability, High gloss and excellent dispersion, Excellent process ability, High opacity, Reproducibility, Delta E value =1

White Masterbatches

PolyAlwan offer different grades of whites, maximum whiteness Index, Excellent dispersion and opacity to product. A unique combination of various loading of TiO2 with the specific polymer
• Films requiring very high opacity at low LDR
• Very thin gauge films (up to 50 microns)
• Films with moderate loading of TiO2
• Multi layer and Mono layer films
• BOPP Films
• Non critical film with higher thickness
• High out-put machines where total residence time is less
• Thermoforming, Injection molding & Blow molding applications
• HIPS sheets for disposable cups & other similar applications
• CF & BCF yarns
• Woven sacks
• Non -woven fabrics (spun bond)
• Roto molding applications
Available on PE, HDPE, PP, HIPS, GPPS, ABS, SAN carrier resins
Available in 25kg/bag, 1000kg/pallet
Packaging in Octabin also available depending on requirement of our Customers

Black Masterbatches

PolyAlwan offer different grades of Blacks based on different type and grades of Carbon
• Films below 15 micron
• Non specific pipes, drainage pipes, conduits
• Specification pipes including laterals for drip irrigation
• Film including garbage bags
• Lamination applications with Higher MFI
• HIPS, ABS, PP molded and extruded products
• PP Fibers (CF & BCF Yarns)
• Woven sacks
• Non -woven fabrics (spun bond)
Available on PE, HDPE, PP, HIPS, GPPS, ABS, SAN carrier resins
Available in 25kg/bag, 1000kg/pallet
Packaging in Octabin also available depending on requirement of our Customers

Color Masterbatches

Pearlescent Masterbatches
Our range of pearlescent master batches contain special pearl pigments, which have varying particle sizes that produce luster /sparkle effect. We can produce these master batches in silver, gold and many other colors. These master batches are mainly used in injection molded items, cosmetic tubing and other applications
Properties Applications
• Cost saving due to low addition level
• Greater production flexibility
• Excellent dispersion
• Improves thermal stability
• All types of polymers, thermoplastic processors
• All types of thermoplastic complex products
• All types of domestic product

Additive masterbatches

Product Name Additive type Additive % Applications
UV MB - 1 HALS Monomeric 20 PP raffia tape
UV MB - 2 - 10 -
Agro film UV MB - 3 - 12 Green house and agricultural Films requiring high pesticide resistance
Processing aid-1 Flouro elastomer blend 2.5 Blown/cast film
Processing aid-2 - 5.00 Blown/cast film
Blowing agent Sodium bi-carbonate compound 10 PE films for increasing volume
Fast slip agent Oleamide 5 PE films
Slow slip agent Erucamide 5 PE films
Anti blocking agent-1 Micronized talc 50 PE films
Anti blocking agent-2 Synthetic silica 20 PE films
Optical brightener Florescent whitening agent 0.5 PE films, carry bags, injection moulding, compounding
Antioxidant MB Primary/secondary antioxidant-blend 10 All extruded and moulded products requiring thermal stability.
Pearlite MB Micronized mineral 75 BOPP films
Nucleating agent Clarifying agent 10 Extruded PP products for clarity
Antistatic agent-1 Fatty acid ester 10 PE films/PS foam
Antistatic agent-2 Ethoxylated Alkyl amide 5 All products requiring long term antistatic properties

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PolyAlwan Plastic Factory
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