Hardy Smith - wood plastic composite technologies

bio polymer composite products

We, Hardy Smith are doing business with a sole purpose of saving the mother earth; saving her lush green patches those are full of woods and woodmass saving the mankind which cannot be thought of ‘without green’ and saving world forests finally. We have accepted a mission of spreading use of green products made out of agriculture waste, wood waste and plastic waste. We are trying to engage ourselves more into research, development and economization of bio Polymer composite products. We want to create an era of ‘Bio Polymer composites’ on the earth with highly technical and engineered products. We are marking our business presence in Canada, UK, China, Russia & Southeast Africa.

We are spreading our business network across all underdeveloped and developing countries for supporting the infrastructure industries respectively. We have already developed several product applications taking from a mother board to railway sleepers and still we are in process of developing some more.

Hardy Smith operates as an organisation for innovative technologies for Bio Composite products made out with woodmass, wood waste, agriculture waste, Plastic waste and virgin polymers. Being the only recognised player, our management team involves many polymer technologists and engineers with experience in polymer and wood products. Having a very specific focus of business on wood plastic composite sector, we are dedicated to the WPC technology, plant and machinery, formulations, raw material supply and consulting for various products. We are engaged with Battenfeld Cincinnati and TCKT - Transfer Center for Plastic GmbH, Germany for several material research and product development projects.We have plans for our expanding our business operations into America, Africa, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Romania and Turkey.

To become the most prominent technology & consulting organization for wood plastic composites products, application and formulations in Asia.

To develop applications and markets for wood plastic composite products in Asia with total technical support to customers.
To develop consulting network across Thailand, Malaysia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, America, Vietnam, Canada, UK, China & Italy.