All plastics with metal plating, used in appliance casings, is disposed off rather than recycled. Various techniques to delaminate metal plating from plastic have been developed, but none are widely used. Recently a very interesting technique of removing plastic film laminate from any metal surface using plasma system has been developed in Japan. Read more in Novel process of separating plastic film laminate from metal surface
The Petrochemical Working Committee has projected polymer consumption in India to the tune of 7 million tons for 2007. However, the past few years have recorded barely 10% overall growth for plastics, unlike the past decade when 14-15% overall growth was observed. Will Indian polymer consumption achieve the projections made by the Petrochemical working committee?
The Vistamaxx family of propylene-ethylene specialty elastomers recently introduced by ExxonMobil, holds promise in a broad range of applications. Read more about New TP Elastomers for a spectrum of applications from very soft films to very hard TPOs
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Leaders in Houseware and Kitchenware looking for manufacturing partners in the African continent
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Recycled HM, LLDPE, LDPE, PP ; Colours : Black, White, Natural
High Quality Inks for BOPP, Films and other packaging applications More
  Injection Molding Machines
350 Tons
650 Tons
160 to 250 Tons
  Other Machines
6 color Rotogravuere Printing Machine
HM / LD Blown Film Plant
  Injection Molding Machines
330 tons Microprocessor Controlled
SPH 350 DGP Windsor
SPH 180 DGP Windsor
SPH 80 DGP Windsor
800 Tons Windsor
Plastic Furniture Molding
  Other Machines
Multilayer Cast Film Line
Automatic 3D Milling; CAM Software
For Moulds, Dies, and Tooling : CAD software
Tablet Containers
Cream Jars in 25, 35, & 50 gms
Stand Up & Disc Top Cap
Bottles in 10, 20 & 30 ml
Hangers of Different Shapes & Sizes
Lunch Boxes in a range of designs  
Pencil Boxes in a range of designs More
Chair with Arms
Armless Chair  
Pet Preform  
PVC Pipe Fitting
Pipe Fitting
Complete Range of Nozzles & Manifolds  
Automobile Parts  
EDM & Tool Room related services  
Engineering Moulds  
High Precision Moulds for Automobiles, Domestic
  Appliances, Electronics & others  
Home Appliances & Household  
Luggage Moulds  
Moulds & Speciality Dies
Pipes & Pipe Fitting
Cap and Bottle  
Mould Texurising
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