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The biodegradable plastic packaging market was immune to the economic downturn of 2008, as consumers' increasing concerns about personal, as well as environmental, health and wellness continued to drive the need for biodegradable packaging innovations. Providing an impetus to demand is technological advancements related to lightweight packaging. Biodegradable plastic packaging market is expected to demonstrate solid growth in the years ahead. To know more about factors contributing to the growth and the growing applications, read
To provide healthcare designers and engineers material options that make it easier to obtain regulatory approval for medical components and devices, a series of biocompatible thermoplastic compounds suitable for use in medical devices has been developed. These biocompatible TPE compounds offer a number of advantages to medical device applications including gamma and EtO sterilizability, high elasticity and resilience, excellent abrasion resistance and high tensile and tear strength. They can be processed via multi-shot overmolding, with inherent bondability to polypropylene substrates, to add "soft touch" ergonomic features. Read more in
Adhesives and Sealants are of great use across innumerable industrial and commercial applications like packaging, automotive, electronics, footwear, construction repair and remodeling, textiles, consumer goods, and shipbuilding. Decrease in consumer spending, declines in manufacturing output and volatility in raw material costs witnessed during this period especially affected demand for adhesives and sealants during 2008 and 2009. To know more about the market size of the global adhesives and sealants market in terms of volume and revenue, applications market drivers, restraints and challenges, raw materials etc, read
Silver has been used for centuries for its abilities to aid preservation as silver antimicrobial technology is safe, natural and sustainable. Silver is an ideal antimicrobial agent due to its efficacy or effectiveness against a comprehensive range of microorganisms and its lack of toxicity to non-target cells. Recent advances in antimicrobial technology allow silver to be added to everyday products at the manufacturing stage. Silver antimicrobial technology can be applied to a variety of materials and, therefore, products, without affecting the performance or aesthetics in any way, other than imparting antimicrobial qualities. To know some new developments, read
Coloured compounds are the latest development in medical grade TPEs, suitable for a wide variety of uses in the medical and pharmaceutical market. These compounds are fully recyclable and have proven to be strong alternatives as replacement for PVC. They are completely synthetic and latex free thereby minimising allergy risks. They are being used in a variety of medical device applications including tubing, seals, drip chambers, soft-touch grips, face masks, resealable membranes and connectors, etc. Read more in
Pressures are mounting on automotive makers to create lightweight, fuel-efficient and stylish vehicles, amid rising fuel prices and growing environmental concerns. Polycarbonate (PC) glazing is one such development. PC glazing can achieve styling and design features that are not possible with traditional materials. Also, glazing enables greater functional integration, parts consolidation and system cost advantages. Resin makers are developing custom material for automotive glazing that set standards in terms of weight reduction, comfort, surface quality and heat protection. Read more in
Carbon nanotubes can kill bacteria and prevent the formation of virulent and corrosive biofilms. As a result, scientists think the nanomaterials could produce antimicrobial coatings for surgical equipment and industrial piping. However, nanotubes are difficult to turn into effective coatings, toxic to people at high concentrations, and expensive. A breakthrough development helps overcome this. Read more in
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