For Sale - UM - 20063 - 100 MM Erema RM100T Non Vented Pelletizing Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 20063


100 MM Erema RM100T Non Vented Pelletizing Line

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Product Details

20/1 L/D non vented water cooled barrel, driven by a 110 KW motor with film/fiber stainless steel densifier mounted on feed throat driven by a 90 KW, 460 volt 50/60Hz, motor.

The motor is belt driven to a Eisenbeiss gear reducer with a 6.235/1 reduction.

The Densifier includes an Approx. 18" wide pull roll station consisting of two steel knurled 8"od rollers.

The extruder is fed by a 36" wide x 20' inclined belt conveyor with a metal detector mounted.

At the extruder discharge is a dual bolt, Erema screen changer , Mdl. SW4/134RTF C93/033 with hydraulic screen changer.

Includes a water ring pelletizer with single row die plate, an Approx. 6' slush way and sound enclosed spin dryer.

Previously used on LDPE at Approx 900 lbs/hour.