For Sale - UM - 19804 - 3.5 MTR PVC Production Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 19804


3.5 MTR PVC Production Line

Present Condition

Machine is in good condition



Product Details

Production capacity of 25-35 tons per day
Width upto 3.5 mtr
Thickness upto 3 mm  thickness

Following PVC products can be made from this machine
PVC transparent film 
PVC transparent tarpaulin 
PVC flex banner 
PVC hot laminated tarpaulin 
PVC geo membrane 
PVC water proof membrane 
PVC flooring

Automatic mixing and loading device 1 set (Discharging;Measure;Mixing;Screen;Convey;)
F92 Cone twin screw extruder; 2 sets
Mould 2 sets
Forming device 1 set
Unwinder 2 sets
Cooling, haul-off and trimming cut device 1 set
Accumulator(Optional); 1 set
Friction winder 1 set
Unwinder, slitting and rewinder device(Optional) 1 set
Crusher(Optional); 1 set
Electrical controller 1 set

Automatic mixing and loading device
Discharging:Powder discharging station 4 sets
Liquid pump station 1 set

Measure:Automatic convey and measure device 1 set
Conveying fan 7.5 KW
Weigher scale span accuracy: ±5‰

Mixing:300/600 L high-speed mixer 2 sets
High-speed mixer volume: 300 L
Double speed motor: 47/67 KW ;
Cooling blender volume: 600 L
Motor power: 15 KW;

Screen:Round vibrating screen 2 sets
Screen diameter: 1000 m

Convey:Negative pressure suction device 2 sets
Fan power: 5.5 kw
Conveying distance: 20 M

F92 Cone twin screw extruder 2 sets
Diameter: 92/188 mm
Effective length: 2800 mm
Speed: 0~34.7 ral/min
Material of barrel and screw: 38 Cr MoAl, nitride treatment, thickness is
0.5~0.7 mm, screw surface is chromed and
polished, roughness is 0.04µm
Main gear box: hard surface, low noise, high carrying capacity
Main motor power: 110 kW, direct-current motor, ABB or Fuji
Heating power: 68 kW, 5 zones automatic temperature control
Cooling system: screw core adopts circulating heat conductive
oil cooling, barrel adopts fan cooling. Fan
power is 0.55 kW×4
Vacuum exhaust device: water ring pump, motor power is 5.5 kW
Screw auto-feeder: motor power is 1.1 kW, frequency conversion
to adjust speed
Die head setting: high temperature melt pressure sensor

Mould 2 sets
It adopts coat hanger structure, gap between lips can be adjusted, inside heater,
chrome plating treatment to ensure no leakage.
Mould width: 3600 mm
Thickness range: 0.1~0.2 mm
Mould material: 5 CrNiMo steel
Temperature control: 19 zones, Fuji or RKC temperature controller
and sensor

Forming device
It consists of helical flow passage mirror surface roll and silica gel roll etc.
Laminating roll adopts direct-coupled decelerator frequency conversion motor to
drive, inverter to adjust speed, equipped with roll temperature control system.
Laminating roll diameter: 600 mm

Two work position, cloth and film unwinding at the same time, equipped with
constant tension device and 3 airs-expand shafts.

Cooling, haul-off and trimming cut device
It consists of many rolls for cooling, double-roll haul-off, frequency conversion
motor to drive, frequency conversion to adjust speed, vertical type trimming cut
and waste edge collection etc.
Cooling power: 3 kW
Haul-off power: 2.2 kW