For Sale - UM - 19799 - 3 Layers Blown Film Extrusion Plant


Reference Numbers

UM - 19799


3 Layers Blown Film Extrusion Plant



Product Details

Model:- SE3HR (A-B-A) 900-45/45 LL+
Film layflat:- 300-800 mm
Film thickness range:- 20-100 micron

Die:- 200 mm for BSA/PLA(2.0 mm gap)
Lay flat:- 500 mm-800 mm
Output:- 80-90 kgs/hr (maximum)

Polymer:- Bio degrable /BSA/PLA- 100% comestible material

Die lip dia:- 200 mm
Film size:- 750 x 40 mm x mic
Output:- 70-75 kg/hr(water temperature must 15°c
Application:- Biodegrable bags

Optional accessories included with machine

Twin loader and dryer for extruder "A" & "B"(Prasad make)
Air cool water chiller (5 TR)(Prasad make)
Heat exchanger with insulation & feeting (Shubham make)
Inline slitting & sealing attachment:- 1st-position- (Shubham make)
Corona treater 3 phase with ozone extractor(Anjali make)
3 TR air cool water chiller(Prasad make)
Extra die 125 mm for Bio-degradable (lay flat 8"-18")(Taiwan make)(set of die, punch, insert & heater)

With Two Station Pneumatic Surface Winder-201 Type
Take off Unit with Vertical Reversing Haul-off Rotation and DIE 200 mm
Twin Hopper Loader and Dryer for Extruder “A” & “B”
Air Cool Water Chiller (5TR)
Heat Exchanger with Insulation & Feting
Inline Slitting & Sealing Attachment
Corona Treater 3 Phase with Ozone Extractor
Air Cool Water Chiller (3TR)
Extra Die 125 MM (Set of Die, Punch, Insert & Heater)

2 Pcs Air Shaft for Machine for Extrusion
3 Bag Making Machine
4 Punching Machine (7 punch 75 MM, 90 MM, 105 MM, 145 MM, 145 MM, 190 MM, 3” Capsule Die Punch)
5 Continuous Sealer Machine for Packing
Reconditioned Air Compressor Elgi
Air Dryers Elrd-20 Air Drier
7 2 Color Roto Printing
8 Slitting Machine

Transformer 250 KVA Make Global Energy
2 Automatic Voltage Regulator 250 KVA
3 14 KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker
4 Distribution Panel 200 KVA APFC