For Sale - UM - 20477 - 3000 Mm Wide Kuhne Co-Extrusion Sheet Line


Reference Number

UM - 20477


3000 Mm Wide Kuhne Co-Extrusion Sheet Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

180 mm Kuhne 33D vented single screw extruder with DC motor.
Screen changer, gear pump.
90 mm Kuhne 33D single screw coextruder with DC motor screen changer and gear pump
70 mm Kuhne 33D coextruder with DC motor and screen changer
Kuhne 5 layer feedblock
3300 mm wide Kuhne flex lip die head adjustable bottom lip. Adjustable decals.
3500 mm Kuhne 3 roll polishing stack with individual roll drives, 420 mm diameter rolls 3 zone pump group.
Hydraulic nip. Upstack
3000 mm wide dual haul off with pneumatic nip.
3000 mm wide conveyor with shear guillotine and motorised conveyor table.
Rapid egde trim choppers and conveyor Was running up to 1000 kg/hr on PS, ABS.
Has screw for HDPE and PP