For Sale - UM - 19227 - 40" Wide Sterling Co-Extrusion Sheet Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 19227


40" Wide Sterling Co-Extrusion Sheet Line



Product Details

40" wide Sterling co-extrusion sheet line.
To produce films of synthetic paper 4-20 mils thick.
3.5" Sterling 30:1 L/D extruder driven by a 125 HP DC motor with Allen Bradley series “B” SCR controller, 440 volt AC input.
Extruder is electrically heated and water cooled including closed loop water cooling system and side vented (plugged) barrel.
With 14/1 gearbox ratio.

Maag melt pump currently mounted on 3.5" extruder.

2.5" Sterling co-extruder, 30:1 L/D with 13.351 gearbox reduction and 50 HP DC motor with SCR controller.
Has electrically heated water cooled barrel with closed loop water cooling system.

2.5" Entwhistle co-extruder, 30:1 L/D with non-vented barrel, driven by a 50 HP Reliance DC motor with SCR control.

Each of the above extruders are equipped with 3.5" MGB Engineering screen changers with oversized 3HP hydraulic pumping system for all three changers.

Mann and Hummel 4-component resin volumetric dosing system for the 3.5" extruder and resin loaders for the 2.5" co-extruders, including vacuum pump.

Co-extrusion feed block for the three extruders and a Cloeren 1200mm (47") epoch III flex lip sheet die with lip opening .-.050" and lip slot with 1120 mm (44").

40" wide Sterling hydraulically loaded chill roll stack including hydraulic pumping system.
Downstack operation including temperature control package with heat exchangers and pumps and rubber pull roll assembly.

NDC model 6100TC thickness gauging system with NDC model 103 sensor probe.

Solo systems 2-sided Corona treating station for 40" webs and Softal generator type 3009RV for up to 3.5 kW.

Rosenthal 48" sheeter, new 2000 for sheeting 3-20 mils synthetic paper includes (2) unwinders for rolls 36" diameter X 500 lbs each on 6" cores.
Sheeter includes heavy duty score cuts slitting for maximum 4 slits and speed 23-24 meters per minute.
Has output conveyor 36" long.
Sheeter is currently working inline at this time.

40" Egan single turret winder for 36" diameter rolls including dancer and lay-on roll.
Still installed as operated.