For Sale - UM - 20736 - 5000 MM Ramisch Kleinewefers Plastic Calender Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 20736


5000 MM Ramisch Kleinewefers Plastic Calender Line

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Product Details

Width approx. 5.000 mm
Length approx. 13.300 mm
Height approx. 4400 mm
Working speed up to 100 m/min
Working width up to 2,5 m

Automatic unwinding jumbo rolls, oil heated calender, compensator and winder.

Automatic unwinder type AR 2200/12 with adjustment of unwinding width.

Working width from 1 m to 2,4 m, unwinding diameter up to 120 cm, loading capacity of the arms up to 1,5 tons, rotating expansion handles, feeding of paper tubes with diameter 102 or 152 mm.

The reel is picked up from the floor by the arms, the reel guiding system, the so-called transverse drive with sensor.

Calender, two smooth steel rolls heated with oil, pump station for hydraulic pressure, temperature control, each roll can be heated separately

Diameter of calender rolls 460 mm, smooth metal or in reserve two engraved rolls

Heating temperature up to 240 OC, adjustable pressure up to

Additional two chrome plated chill rolls, diameter 250 mm

Drive compensator, which allows the operation of the machine during the change of calendered parts

Winder with a working width of 2.4 m with edge cutting knives. Winded by rollers on paper tubes.

Complete oil heating station with pumps to supply the calender with heated oil.