For Sale - UM - 18086 - 6" Davis Standard Non Vented Single Screw Extruder


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UM - 18086


6" Davis Standard Non Vented Single Screw Extruder

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Product Details

6" Davis Standard 40:1 L/D non-vented extruder.
Model:- 165MM60TPIH
Driven by 327 kW (437 HP) DC motor with SCR control,
460 volt 60 HZ AC input, direct connected to gearbox with 17.21 ratio.
Rated at 526 HP with 1.5 service factor supplying 102 rpm screw speed.
Has water cooled feed throat, top center location approximately.
8" X 12" rectangular in design.
Extruder is electrically heated and water cooled.
Has temperature control panel.
Includes 6" Extek screen changer model HSC-60, with hydraulic pump but missing one breaker plate.
Screen changer is ā€œCā€ clamped to extruder barrel.
Previously used on PP at maximum 600 kg/hour.