For Sale - UM - 19805 - Canara Flex 9 Colour Rotogravure Printing Machine With Turret Auto Splicing


Reference Numbers

UM - 19805


Canara Flex 9 Colour Rotogravure Printing Machine With Turret Auto Splicing

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

No. Of colour:- 9
Max. Web width:- 1300 mm
Min, Web width:- 800 mm recommended
Max. Operating speed:- 350 m-min

Maximum (for print repeat above 500 mm)
Printing speed varies according to various conditions
Quality, thickness and type of material
Print repeat & ink coverage
Printing cylinder width (using standard or extended cones or shafts for Cylinder mounting
Quality of printing cylinders and impressions rollers
Type of inks, lacquers and solvents
Ambient temperature


Pet:-8 - 40 microns,
BOPP:- 10 40 microns
BOPA:- 20-40 microns
Shrink PVC and pet g:- 30 -60 microns
Pe (suitable for gravure printing):- 40 - 100 microns
Paper ,Glesine, Poster paper:- 25 - 80 gsm

Compressed air
Minimum pressure for machine:- 6 bar
Quality of air:- non lubricated, dry and filtered
cylinder circumference:- 400 mm to 800 mm

Rubber roller dia:- Dia. 150 mm make Rossini make
Max. Unwind dia:- Dia. 1000 mm
Max. Rewind dia:- Dia. 1000 mm

Web direction
Viewing from operator:- right - left or left to right
Machine colour:- Standard
Type of ink used:- Solvent based
Heating source:- by hot air generator - Gas Burner

Machine colour
Machine side frames:- BR white
Cabinets:- RAL 9002 power coated
Catwalk:- Black painted
Show guard:- Deep or Lemon Orange
Show guard support plate:- Golden yellow
Drying Hood:- RAL 9002 powder coated


Electric supply
Voltage : Three phase +ground(T)+neutral:- 415 V(+ I -1.O%)
Single phase:- 220 V(+ l-1.O%)
Main line frequency:- 50 Hz(+ / -2%)
Ambient temperature (inside the Plant):- 23-38 degree
Plant relative humidity:- 30-70 % (@ 25 degree C)
Altitude (Max.):- 1000 mts above sea level
With single side drying 47000 kcal
With extended drying 47000 +25000 kcal
Total installed load 411000 kcal.

Dimension of Machine
Length 25 Mts approx.
Width 5 Mts
Height 4.5 Mts