For Sale - UM - 17580 - Offmar Bubble Bag Making Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 17580


Offmar Bubble Bag Making Machine

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Product Details

Type of bag:- Other
Bottom or side seal:- Combination
Max. seal width:- 2000 mm
Type of take off / rewind:- Flat
Including:- 4 longtitudinal sealers
Two unwinders including folers
Twin sealing head
Tear line perforation
Special characteristics:-
There are also perforation blades to perf the material in the middle of the sealed area.
Also sealing head that seals across the web and has a perforation in the middle of this sealed area. So, the machine can either use the 2 x unwind folding frames and run material through as per a side weld machine.
What some people do is to run two webs of film on top of each other through the machine and use the four sealers (or as many as they need) to produce smaller bags where the main sealing head does the side weld, but the four sealers seal longitudinally.
When the bags reach the delivery table the operator tears the bags apart prior to boxing them up.