For Sale - UM - 21748 - Bandera 3 Layers Co-Extruder Sheet Line


Reference Number

UM - 21748


Bandera 3 Layers Co-Extruder Sheet Line



Product Details

Materials processed: PS P.P
Maximum sheet width 1.200 mm.
Min/Max sheet thickness 0,2 / 2,0 mm.
Production rate 800 Kg / h PS – 600 Kg / h P.P.
Extruder with screw diam.120 mm 35 L/ D
Extruder with screw diam.80 mm 30 L/D
Extruder with screw diam. 60 mm. 30 L/D
Oil power station for screen changers 120 +Flat die head type LF.LSP. 1400 mm.
Water chilling station
Electrical cabinet for complete management of power and thermoregulation
Control pulpit
3 Thermo regulated zones
Complete with screen changers
Bandera Calendar with 3 x 1600 mm wide rollers
In-line pull off unit with 2 rollers coated with vulcanized rubber
Complete with side grinding unit for trimmings
Cutting unit with circular knives
Motorized translation groups
Maximum reel diameter 1000 mm.
Line speed 40 mt / min