For Sale - UM - 17169 - Full Pet Bottle Blowing Plant


Reference Number

UM - 17169


Full Pet Bottle Blowing Plant



Product Details

Blow Moulding Machines:-

2 x 4 cavity fully automatic pet stretch
Blow moulding machines complete with 2 x 4 ltr cool drying moulds, Step motor for Fast feeding of pre forms.
Production speeds.
330 ml x 4000 bph.
2l x 2100 bph
4 x 2 cavity semi automatic pet stretch blow machines with preform holders 28mm long and short neck,
38mm and 46mm preform
Neck holders.
Blow moulds.
2o moulds for semi auto machines ranging
From, 350,ml 350ml, 500ml, 1.5ltr 2ltr and 5ltr.

Injection Moulding Machines and Moulds:-

3 x sound pet injection moulding machines,
130t, 250t, 275t complete with hopper loaders,
Hopper dryers and mova colour mixer.
4 x preform injection moulds.
1 x 8 cavity 28mm 50gr pco long neck
1 x 12 cavity 47gr (2ltr coca cola) 28mm long
Neck exchangeable for short neck (coca cola neck).
1 x 16 cavity 21gr (from 330ml upto 750ml bottles)
28mm long neck/short neck.
1 x 6 cavity 100gr 46mm neck for 5l bottles.


4 x 40 bar ingersoll rand hp compressors with
800ltr and 1500ltr receiving tank.
2 x lp screw compressors with 3000ltr
Receiving tank, air driers and filters.
2 x water chilling units with cooling
Tower complete with pumps.

2 x hp compressors with 800ltr and 1500ltr receiving tank.
2 x hp compressors  
1 x fluidair 8 bar rotary frx compressor with air dryer
1 x ingersoll rand screw compressors with 3000ltr receiving tank air dryers and filters.
1 x air cooled water chilling unit with cooling tower.
1 x small chiller with cooling tower 
1 x 22kw materials grinder with dust catcher.

Other machinery available in cape town
1 x 50ml t0 750 ml central machinery single head double station blow moulding machine
Machine comes with an order for 200,000 novelty bottles per month)
Novelty bottle moulds available at
1 x 2005  kenplas kba 2500 (taiwan) pet stretch blow machine  capable of blowing 2500 bph 4 x 2 litres per cycle.
Fully automated comes with loading bin, conveyor, and auto loader. Fully plc operated and in full working order.

Various hdpe bottle  blow moulds
1 x 5 litre jerry can mould (used) 
1 x 2 litre milk or juice bottle mould (used) 
1 x 1 litre detergent bottle mould (used) 

1 x new 5 litre blow moulding head with attachment for visual strip. only used for testing.

Plastics recycling downstream equipment used
1 x double hydraulic screen changer with with power pack
1 x die face cutter for 200mm extruder with victolic closure
1 x centrufigual drying system
2 x auger feeding shutes
1 x cooling drum with fittings - all stainless steel 
1 x 1984 190t negri bossi injection moulding machine with large shot weight in full working order. 
1 x 480 ton easy master injection moulding machine chen hsong in excellent condition
1 x 2014 2litre beilun mingda double head double station plastic blow moulding hdpe machine,
1 x 2008 1+1 x 5 litre hfba 65mm kingswel zhangjiagang extrusion blow moulding machine with moog
Parision controller, completec with:
2 x leak testers and de-fashing unit
2 x 3 cavity bottle moulds. all hydraulic pipes replaced and new pump fitted
The machine is in fantastic condition and ready to go. 

2016 model roto moulder:-
The machine is a rock and roll roto moulding machine that is capable of making most roto moulded products.
The oven can take a mould of 2.3m x 1.35m x 1.1m.
It should be able to make a water tank of 2500 litres or more.
The oven uses a paraffin burner for heating. 
There is a cooling table and the mould.
The machine has only been used for 3 months and made 380 single juvenile crocodile pens so is like new. all moulds are included.