For Sale - UM - 18840 - Magic ME-L15-20/D-750 Blow Moulding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 18840


Magic ME-L15-20/D-750 Blow Moulding Machine

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Product Details

Model:- ME-L15-20/D-750
Type:- Extrusion Blow Moulder
Approx Hours:- 23,278
Container Size With Actual Configuration:- 750ml
Number of Heads:- 3
Material Type:- PE
Container Size (Max):- 5 Litres
Number Of Stations:- 2
Output Capacity Kg/H:- 450
Extruder Type:- Continuous
Number Of Extruders: 1
Screw Diameter:- 120 mm
L/D Ratio:- 24
Mould platen sizes (mm):- 550 x 550
Opening stroke (mm) :- 270
Clamping force (KN):- 250
Dry-Cycles/min:- 20
Extruder drive:- 140 kW
Heating Zones:- 7
Heating power:- 44 kW
Deflashing unit
Leak Tester
Installed power (kW):- 264
Wall Thickness Control
Average consumption:- 59kW (at 200kg/h)
Center Distance: 215 mm