For Sale - UM - 17943 - Techne Single Station Blow Moulding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 17943


Techne Single Station Blow Moulding Machine

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Product Details

Maximum size:single:- 5000 cm3
Maximum size:double:- 2000 cm3
Maximum size:triple:- 1000 cm3
Drive:- hydraulic
Clamping force at 180 bar:- 90.4 KN
Carriage stroke:- 350 mm
Hydraulic pump power:- 15 KW

Extrusion screw
Extrusion screw diameter:- PE-60, PE-60, PVC-60 mm
Length of extrusion screw:- PE-20, PE-25, PVC-20 L/D
Max/min extrusion screw speed:- PE-25/100, PE-25/100, PVC-15/50 g/1
Plastification capacity:- PE-57, PE-70, PVC- 48 kg/h
Heating zones:- PE-3, PE-4, PVC-3

Heating capacity:- PE-6, PE-8, PVC-6 KW
Motor capacity:- PE-18.5, PE-22, PVC-18.5 KW

Extrusion head'
Single:diameter:- PE-100, PVC-100
Heating capacity:- PE-5.7, PVC-2.5 KW
Double die dia/center dist:- PE-60/140 , PVC-60/140 mm
Heating capacity:- PE-5.5, PVC- 4.2 KW
Triple die dia/center dist:- PE-35/70, PVC-35/70 mm
Heating capacity:- PE-4.8 KW

Thickness:minimum:- 100 mm
Width:maximum:- 330 mm
Height:maximum:- 450 mm
Opening:min/max:- 190/460 mm

Consumption and capacity of tanks
Oil tank:- 300 I
Compressed air consumption:- 1000 NI/1
Working pressure-air:- 7 bar