For Sale - UM - 17818 - Bruckner 6600 MM BOPP Co-Extrusion Line


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UM - 17818


Bruckner 6600 MM BOPP Co-Extrusion Line

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Product Details

Product:- Brückner 6600 mm BOPP co-extrusion line

The original line is from 90s (it was 3 layers), but in 2000-2004 it was heavily invested,
Changed to 5 layers, new extruders, new tubes for melt, new filtration system, new die, new chill roll, new chain system, new pull roll stand, new winder, new components for dosing system

Product Details :-
5 layers (possible layers A-B-C-D-E)
Thickness: 15 - 60 micron
Width of film after trim: 6,0 m
Max output: 3000 kg/hr
Max mechanical speed: 300 m/min
Produced film type: packaging film

Main extruder is a tandem of Ø250 and Ø175 mm extruders
Max output: 2500 kg/hr
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
AC drives
Main filter (13 candle filters) surface area: 6,2 m2

2 co-extruders Ø120mm with max. output 380 kg/hr
Filter: 1 candle filter with surface area 4000cm2
Manufacturer: Battenfeld
AC drives

2 satellite extruders Ø90 mm with max output 180 kg/hr
Filter: disc filters with a changer
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
AC drives

Casting unit:-
5 layer norson EDI die 810 mm autoflex VI-R multiflow V
Chill roll 2400 mm
Air knife
Film and chill roll drying system
Water bath

MDO (Machine Direction Orienter):-
Manufacturer: Brückner
Pre-heating via heat box heated by 2 Eclipse (800 kW each) natural gas burners
6 stretching rolls (oil heated)
4 annealing rolls (oil heated)
4 nip rolll
Tension control at inlet and outlet
AC drives

TDO (Transverse Direction Orienter):-
Manufacturer: Brückner
Chain and chain track model: FOK 4.7
Heating system: Eclipse (200 kW) natural gas burner for every zone (13 zones), no oil
Edge guide system at inlet

Pull Roll Stand:-
Edge trim, mills and system for returning shredded edges to the main extruder
Corona treatment station (Sherman)
AC drives / Siemens PLC

Kampf non-stop winder
Working width: 7000 mm
40 steel cors

AC & PLC: Fully integrated system PLC with operator workstations
Main PLC for the line is Valmet
Thickness Gauge: Honeywell Measurex System with a new workstation and software (2013)

Material feeding equipment:-
Main extruder: mixing hopper, raw material feeder, regranulate feeder, 2 additives feeders Co-extruder: raw material feeder + 4 component gravimetric system
Satellite extruder: raw material feeder

On All extruders there are:
Metal separators
Drying systems
Suction conveying

Slitter Rewinder: Atlas 6600 mm

Silos: 10 silos 30 tons each
Trane Chiller
Herbold schredder